Late War Unit Cards

Late War Unit Card Packs
Unit Cards will be available for each Flames Of War Late War book. The packs will contain one of each Unit Card that relates to their book. The packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

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Berlin: German Unit Cards (FW273U) Berlin: Soviet Unit Cards (FW274U)
Contains 104 Cards Contains 71 Cards
Bulge: German Unit Cards (FW271U) Bulge: American Unit Cards (FW270U) Bulge: British Unit Cards (FW272U)
Contains 105 Cards Contains 66 Cards Contains 66 Cards
Bagration: Finnish Unit Cards (FW269FU) Bagration: Hungarian Unit Cards (FW296HU) Bagration: Hungarian Unit Cards (FW296HU)
Contains 30 Cards Contains 37 Cards Contains 30 Cards
Bagration: Soviet Unit Cards (FW266U) Bagration: German Unit Cards (FW267U)
Contains 67 Cards Contains 70 Cards
D-Day: Waffen-SS Unit Cards (FW265U)... D-Day: British Unit Cards (FW264U)...
Contains 43 Cards Contains 66 Cards
D-Day: American Unit Cards (FW262U)... D-Day: German Unit Cards (FW263U)...
Contains 42 Cards Contains 61 Cards
Fortress Europe: British Unit Cards (FW261B) Fortress Europe: German Unit Cards (FW261G)
Contains 24 Cards Contains 49 Cards
Fortress Europe: Soviet Unit Cards (FW261S) Fortress Europe: American Unit Cards (FW261U)
Contains 53 Cards Contains 27 Cards

Last Updated On Thursday, April 6, 2023