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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Sd Kfz (Flame) by attaching the deck to the lower hull Step 2. Now attach the left hand side tracks to the lower hull.
Step 3. Next attach the right hand side tracks to the lower hull Below: The tracks and deck in place. Step 4. Glue the top hull onto the lower hull.
Step 5. Now we will assemble the front wheels. Start with the axle and attach it in the slot shown below. Step 6. Next attach the front wheels on both sides of the axle.
Below. The wheels in place on the axle. Step 7. Now attach the front place to the top of the hull. Step 8. Attach the machine gun to the gun shield.
Step 9.  Now attach the machine gun to the front plate on the hull. Step 10. Place the two Flame-thrower crew models inside the  hull on the deck.
Below: The completed Sd Kfz 251 (Flame)

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