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Assembling the 82mm Or 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU772)

120mm or 82mm Mortar Sprue (x3)
A. 120mm Mortar (x1).
B. 82mm Mortar (x1).
C. Loaders (x3).
D. NCO (x2).
E. 82mm Mortar Loader (x1).
D. 120mm Moratr Loader (x1).

Description of Bases
Large six-hole bases (x3).
Medium four-hole bases (x3).
Plastic Insert bases (x3).

Assembling the 82mm Or 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU772)

Flexible Plastic Figures

Working With Flexible Plastic
Many of our new infantry and gun crew figures are have been produced using a new casting technique and material we have been developing.

To find out how easy it is to prepare and paint these new plastic figures click on the link below.

Working With Flexible Plastic...

All Flames Of War infantry and guns are supplied with appropriate bases. Assemble your infantry teams by gluing the figures into the holes on a base of the right size. Super glue is recommended for this. (Note: plastic cement, which works by partially melting hard polystyrene plastic parts and 'welding' them together, will not work with the flexible plastic figures in the Rifle Company)

There are usually several figures with each type of weapon, so you can create variety in your teams. It doesn’t matter which mix of figures you put in each team, as long as the mix of weapons is right.

82mm Mortar Teams 

Base 82mm Mortar teams on a medium base facing the long edge. These teams have the 82mm Mortar loader and his weapon along with two loaders.

Assembling the 82mm Or 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU772)

Assembling the 82mm Or 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU772)

120mm Mortar Teams 

Base Mortar teams on a large base facing the short edge. Each mortar has a 120mm Mortar and 120mm Mortar loader along with an NCO and three loaders.

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