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The Battlefront Events Website 
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place.

Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar, rather than hosting them on the Flames Of War home page.

Creating an event is simple enough, but just in case you need a helping hand, I’ve had a play around with the website and here’s the basic gist of what to do to make sure your event is right there on the calendar for all to see.

First of all, you’ll need to create an account. 

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Tournament Organiser Registration Page...

Creating an account will let you share your events on the Event Calendar. Your account is just a username and a password that someone here at Battlefront will approve. We will receive an email to notify us that you have created an account and one of us at Battlefront will review and approve it. You will then get an email to show that we have done this. Once that’s done you will be able to log in. You will notice that there are options to view All Events, Team Yankee, Flames Of War, as well as the option to Add New Event, view your own events, and view your account. 

To add a New Event, you will need to select the Add New Event option and fill out the form. Be sure to fill out all the information required so we, and prospective attendees, can get a good idea of what your event entails. After you have submitted your event, we will review it and approve it. Please allow us some time to get this done to account for time differences etc.

Click here to go to the Battlefront Event Website...

Last Updated On Tuesday, January 29, 2019