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Step 1. Begin assembly of the 8.8cm Anti-tank Gun by attaching the trail spades to the main hull. Below: The trail spades in place.
Step 2. Next, attach the front plate of the gun hull in the place shown. Below: The front plate in place.
Step 3. Next, glue the gun to the main hull. Below: The 8.8cm gun in place.
Step 4. Next, attach the left side gun shield to the hull. Note that the there are grooves on the hull to help you place it correctly.
Step 5. Repeat for the right side gun shield. Step 6. Attach the front strut to the front plate. There are holes to help you place this correctly.
Below. The gun shields and strut in place. Step 7. Now glue the left and right wheels to the gun carriage.
Below. The The 8.8cm Anti-tank gun is complete. Step 8. Attach the gun on the plastic base and place the crew to taste.

Last Updated On Friday, February 1, 2019