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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Panzer III (Late) by attaching the hull rear plate to the back of the lower hull section. Step 2. Next, attach the left-hand side track to the lower hull section.
Step 3. Attach the right-hand side track to the lower hull section. Step 4. Attach the top hull section to the lower hull section of the Panzer III
Step 5. Attach the engine deck in the orientation as shown below. Step 6. Next, attach the uparmoured glacis plate as shown below. 
Below: The Panzer III (Late) hull.  Below: The Panzer III Hull and Schürzen . Note that the bottom of the side skirts match with the upper track wheels to help with placement.
Step 7. Attach the right Schürzen to the hull.  Step 8. Attach the left Schürzen to the hull.
Below:  The Panzer III (Late) hull is now fully completed.  Step 9. Join the two halves of the turret.
Step 10. Next, Attach the cupola to the top of the turret. Step 11. Now attach the left turret Schürzen.
Step 12. Next attach the right turret Schürzen. Step 13. Attach the turret mantlet to the front of the turret in the orientation shown below.

Step 16. If you are making the Panzer III (Late 5cm) or the Flammpanzer III next attach the up-armoured mantlet over the Late 5cm gun (also known as the long 5cm) or Flame-thrower turret. Note that the Flame-thrower has a thicker barre; than the Panzer III Late 5cm.

Below: The Flame-thrower turret is pictured below Below: The Late 5cm Gun is pictured below
Step 17. To complete the Panzer III (late) attach your chosen Gun.From Left to right is the Late 5cm Gun, the Flame-thrower Gun and the 7.5cm Gun. Below: The fully assembled Panzer III ( Late 5cm).
To attach the turret to the hull, you can use rare earth magnets (sold separately in the online store here). Simply attach one to the bottom of the turret and the top of the hull. Learn more about using rare earth magnets here.
The other option is to use the turret peg found on the plastic sprue. To do this, simply attach the peg to the bottom of the turret. The turret peg then simply mates with the hole in the top of the hull.

Last Updated On Friday, January 21, 2022