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Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Ghost Panzers Spotlight
with Mike Haught

As the ground hardened after the muddy Russian Spring, the German army prepared to launch their Summer offensive, codenamed Operation Citadel. The target was Kursk, a city in the centre of a huge bulge in the front line, where several Soviet armies could be cut off and destroyed.

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Ghost Panzers centres on the action around Operation Citadel, also known as the Battle of Kursk. It was here in July 1943, that one of the war’s largest tank battles took place, with over 2450 German tanks and assault guns. Over 3600 Soviet tanks were waiting for them, setting the scene for the largest tank battle on the Eastern Front.

With Kursk, timing was everything and the most important thing was to get all of the German army’s newest equipment to the front ready for the offensive. As such, Kursk marks a defining moment for technology in the war. In Ghost Panzers you’ll see many brand new tanks, lots of heavily modified older ones, new infantry support weapons, and much more.

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Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

The main reason Kursk happened when it did was to allow time for the Panther to arrive. 200 of these new tanks were quickly rushed to the front and made ready on the first day. The Panther’s thick, sloped armour is paired with an excellent long 7.5cm gun, and the vehicle was powered by the same engine as the Tiger heavy tanks. This all combines to make a fast, heavily armoured battle tank, armed with a gun that will knock out any enemy tank it faces. Panther crews at Kursk have been hastily trained, keeping their points cost down to 18 points per tank.

You can field Panthers either as their own formation or as a unit to support your Panzergrenadiers with the best possible tanks.

Mixed Panzers
New models of Panzer III and IV tanks are also now available. These reliable older tanks are uparmoured and upgunned to make them more lethal than ever on the battlefield. They have also been issued with bazooka side skirts to protect them against irritating infantry weapons, like PTRD anti-tank rifles and bazookas.

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Constructing your platoons can be as easy as taking all identical tanks in a single unit or mixing them up to create balanced platoons, such as adding a few Panzer IV (late) tanks to deal with enemy armour with some inexpensive Panzer III tanks for anti-infantry protection.

These tanks are excellent to pair with your armoured infantry to help give them tank support and useful mobile reserves to deal with enemy threats.

Armoured Panzergrenadiers
The armoured panzergrenadiers are essential to a successful blitzkrieg. Their Sd Kfz 251 ‘Hanomag’ half-tracks will keep them safe from small-arms fire and make sure that your tanks always have critical infantry support. Your infantry will enjoy high mobility and protection thanks to these half-tracks.

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

You will also have a wide variety of mobile support weapons mounted in half-tracks, such as mortars, infantry guns, and even flame-throwers. These can keep up with your infantry and make sure you’re never short of support.

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Tiger Company
Three heavy tank battalions have been committed to Operation Citadel, the highest number to date for a single battle! No longer are the Tigers parcelled out in small number across a wide front. Now, these invincible tanks will be used at the spearhead of the attack, massed together to form an irresistible tank wedge.
Your Tiger company will have few tanks due to their incredible armour and gun combination, but they are essentially invincible on the battlefield. Whatever part of the battlefield you claim with these beasts, you will hold without question!

StuG Company
StuG assault gun units have also been widely expanded. Nearly all assault divisions are backed by a battalion of these assault guns. Like the Panzers, StuGs have also received a significant armour upgrade and an improved 7.5cm gun, making them excellent tank-hunters.

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

With this formation, you can either field one of these ubiquitous StuG batteries, or you can field one as a Panzer Company (Remote Control). The RC battalions are equipped with StuG assault guns and Borgward demolition carriers that are operated by radio control. Use these carriers to deliver 500 kilograms of explosives to the enemy’s front door with pinpoint accuracy. The resulting explosion will wipe out anything under its template when it’s detonated, paving the way for your general assault.

Your force can now be supported by the most modern, cutting edge equipment available. One of the most powerful new weapons available is the long barrelled 8.8cm PaK43 guns, which is so powerful it can knock out any tank from the front. You can take this gun in three different ways.You can take them as towed guns, mounted as the lightly-armoured self-propelled gun known as the Hornisse tank-hunter, or as a new Ferdinand heavy tank-hunter. Ferdinands are huge 65-tonne tanks with over 200mm of frontal armour.

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Ghost Panzers Spotlight

You can also support your formation with Brummbär assault tanks, heavily armoured beasts designed to blast open enemy strong points at point-blank range with its 15cm gun. New Wespe (10.5cm) and Hummel (15cm) self-propelled guns can now support your attack as well. Thanks to these guns’ armour, you can keep pounding the enemy with bombardments even while they are under fire.

Other excellent new support units include Panzer II Luchs scout tanks, quad 2cm half-tracks, and armoured Hs 129 flying tanks.

Your mission’s goal is nothing short of inflicting a fatal blow to the Soviet Union, which is no small feat. However, you’re now equipped with Germany’s finest equipment. You have a solution for anything the Soviets throw at you, from Ferdinand tank-hunters to fast armoured infantry. Find their weakness and destroy them, piece by piece.

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