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StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)
includes three resin and metal StuG (Early) Tanks, one plastic Commander sprue and one Unit card.

Designed to give infantry their own armoured support in battle, the StuG Assault Gun mounted a 7.5cm gun on the tried and trued Panzer III chassis. In the field, the StuG was used to unseat the enemy from defensive positions with high-explosive firepower and the long-barrelled 7.5cm variant could be trained on enemy tanks to great effect.

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Iron Cross
By the end of 1941, the German blitzkrieg had swept across open plains of the Soviet Union and stopped at the gates of Moscow as winter set in. The halt was only temporary as the Germans were back on the offensive in the summer of 1942. The attack sliced into the southern front, aiming at the oilfields of the Caucasus. Two army groups charged forward, one heading to the mountain country in the south, the other focussed on a small city on the Volga River called Stalingrad. The unstoppable German offensive was pushing Soviet morale to a breaking point as the most pivotal battles on the Eastern Front were about to be fought on the streets of Stalingrad and in the Russian Steppe.

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Sculpted by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown

StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)
StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)

Cheaper to produce, but packing the same the same punch as a Panzer IV, the StuG is a versatile and effective weapon of war for the Germans battling ferociously on the Eastern Front.

StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)

The low profile of the StuG gives it an extra edge in concealment and ambush tactics. Being a whole turret lower than a tank, the StuG is well suited to laying in wait to spring traps on the enemy, and its profile makes it much harder to hit overall.

StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)

To keep up with the infantry the Stug was designed to support, StuG commanders make use of the Stormtrooper special rule which allows them to close with the enemy alongside the Grenadiers and bring their fearsome firepower to bear against the enemy, clearing the way for the infantry to push.

StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)
StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109) StuG (Early) Assault Gun Platoon (GBX109)


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