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Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)

Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)
includes one resin and metal Reihenwerfer (8cm).

The Reihenwerfer mounts 16 French mortars in a single battery. They can all fire at once, saturating a large area with deadly mortar rounds.

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21st Panzer Division
The 21st Panzerdivision is a unique force that is largely equipped with modified French halftracks and home-made self-propelled guns based on old French tanks. The British and Canadians land at dawn, pouring ashore across Juno and Sword Beaches, pushing inland as they overran the German defences. Impatiently the veterans of the 21. Panzerdivision await the order to counterattack. General Marcks, frustrated by the delay, arrives to take charge. Ordering the tanks of Kampfgruppe Oppeln to counterattack, he confides to Oberst Oppeln, ‘If you don’t succeed in throwing the British into the sea, we will have lost the war.’

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Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)  Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)
Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212) Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)
Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212) Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)
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Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)
Reihenwerfer (8cm) (GE212)

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