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 Battlefront UK Open Day Painting Competition
This year for our UK Open Day we will be running a pair of Painting Competitions, one at the event and then one online (because we didn't want everyone that couldn't attend missing out).
Flames Of War/Team Yankee (2 Categories)
  • Best Tank
  • Best Infantry/Gun Team
  • Best Objective
Dungeon and Dragons
  • Best Monster
  • Best Game Character
Gale Force 9
  • Best Boardgame Component
  • Best Terrain Piece

Recruit Category (Entrants must be under 15 years of age by 23rd June 2018)

Online Entries


  • Submissions: 0900-1400
  • Judging: 1400-1500
  • Awards: 1515-1530
  • Collection from: 1600

Online Competition
In conjunction with the 'on the day event' we will be running a competition on our Facebook page.

Entering is simple, just head over to the Facebook page (link below), post up a picture of your miniature, then vote (and encourage your friends to vote of course). Using your votes we will create a short list of the top entries and a winner will be picked on the day by our panel of experts.

There is only one category for the Online Competition but you can submit anything that fits in to the range above, whether it is Flames Of War, Team Yankee, D&D or GF9 related.

Enter the Online Painting Competition here...

Battlefront UK Open Day Painting Competition

Online Competition Voting
Voting is easy,

  • head over the Battlefront Facebook page,
  • click the UK Open Day Painting Competition link,
  • click on "Vote"
  • vote for the entries that you want to vote for.

Best of all, you can vote for yourself, you can ask your friends to vote for you, and you can even vote once per day so make sure you come back each day and vote for your favourites.

Click here to go straight to the entry page on the Battlefront Facebook page...

Stay tuned for more information on the cool prizes!

Conditions of Entry

  1. All entries must be submitted in person, by the entrant, before 1400 on Saturday, 30th June 2018 at the Open Day or by 1800 (GMT) on Saturday, 23rd June 2018 for Online Entries. Entry registration will be at the Open Day desk within the 15mm Hall, or via the Facebook page.
  2. All entries must be either a Battlefront Miniatures or Gale Force 9 product.
  3. All entries submitted for judging must be painted personally by the entrant. The discovery that a person entered for judging an exhibit they did not personally create will result in the barring of that individual from all future Battlefront/Gale Force 9 events.
  4. Entrants are responsible for the transportation of entries to and from the competition.  No storage space for transportation materials will be provided.  Entrants must pick up entries on Saturday, 30th June, at the time designated at registration.
  5. Entrants must remain available for judging, queries, and prize awards during the competition. (Open Day entrants only)
  6. Entrants agree to provide all entries, at their own risk, to Battlefront/Gale Force 9 for the duration of the competition for the purpose of display, photography, and judging.  Battlefront/Gale Force 9 accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of entries during the competition.
  7. Entrants agree to have their entries photographed, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Battlefront/Gale Force 9 and such recordings shall be the property Battlefront/Gale Force 9 and shall be used in whatever manner Battlefront/Gale Force 9 sees fit without further reference or payment to the entrant.

Category Rules and Notes

  1. The Open Day 2018 competition includes eight regular categories and a category for entrants 14 and younger.
  2. All units not mounted on a single display base must be presented on a movement tray. This is to facilitate handling and photography, and to ensure the group is arranged as the entrant intends. Movement trays are not required to be painted or have groundwork. They will not be considered in onsite judging and will neither add to nor detract from the entry’s score.
  3. It is recommended that loose models on a plinth or movement tray be secured with putty, magnets, or other means of attachment. Please notify staff of any models which require special handling during registration.
  4. Display plinths are not counted as part of the base size or height restriction. However, they will not be considered in onsite judging, on either technical or artistic grounds, and will neither add to nor detract from the entry’s score. A plinth will not necessarily appear in photographs for online voting.  
  5. The number of photographs shown for each entry during online voting will depend on its category. Single Figure, Bust, and Young Talent will be represented by three photos—front, back, and an angle or detail shot. Unit, Vehicle/Monster, and Large Scale will be represented by three or four photos, according to size, complexity, and the discretion of the judges. Dioramas will be represented by four or five photos, according to size, complexity, and the discretion of the judges. Display plinths and any portion of the entry which falls outside of size restrictions will not be represented in detail in the photography.
  6. Entries may not be removed from the display cabinets during the competition for use in games.
  7. The head judge will have final say on what models are suitable for submission and category placement of submitted models. Battlefront/Gale Force 9 reserves the right to refuse any entry upon any grounds, at its discretion. 
Good Luck!

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