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Battlefront Forum Update
1 March 2018
Two weeks ago we announced that we intended on making changes to the way that we interacted with our community and that our plan was to move away from the forums and focus our efforts on the various social media outlets that are now intertwined with everyday life.

Since the initial announcement we have received a lot of feedback from customers and it would be fair to say that not all of it was positive. There was one consistent trend throughout the feedback that resonated with us as players.

How will the community stay in touch with each other regarding events?

Whilst there are some great features for organising events and informing players on Facebook and other social media services, for an established community it is hard to beat the simplicity and ease of posting an event in a central forum, one that people can quickly and easily browse, ask questions, and contact organisers.
So to support our players we will keep an Events section for the forum for organisers and players alike to share information about current and upcoming tournaments. There will be some minor changes to the process for submitting an event to calendar, as well as the organisation of the Events section of the forum that will make it easier for people to find events in their area.

It is still our intention as outlined two weeks ago to transition the rest of the forum over to the various Facebook Groups and so on. Next week (on the 8th) we will initiate the process of shutting down the forum by restricting the ability of people to create new topics or posts, except in the Events section. This will allow people time to continue to review the content that has been posted up there and provide time to move any of it to another location. The other sections of the forum will close on the 15th of March 2018.


Battlefront Forum Update
15 February 2018
As people and as a company we have found ourselves turning more and more to social media options to share our passions and hobbies with the community. The development of social media over the past decade have helped make the world a little smaller and allowed us to connect with people that we would have otherwise never met. The associated rise of smart devices have allowed people maintain these connections with ease and from almost anywhere in the world.

With these changes in time we have made the difficult decision to retire our forum. We feel that we need to keep pace with the changing times and adjust how we communicate with people accordingly.
For many years the forum has been the cornerstone of our gaming community but now the majority of discussions happen not on our ‘Forum of War’, but across the world on third-party websites (such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and many other fantastic community-run websites), and it is up to us to change how we interact with our players.
On the 15th of March 2018 it will be our intention to closs the forum completely. We want to give users time to review the content that they have posted up there and provide them with time to move any of it to another location. Content on the forum will not be accessible after this time.
We want to thank the people that have made positive contributions to the forum over the years, helping us to build such an amazing community and we look forward to interacting with you via the many other ways to contact the Battlefront team.

Where To Go For Your Flames Of War and Team Yankee Discussions
Whilst this isnt an exhaustive list you can always check these places out.
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Flames Of War Painting Group Team Yankee Painting Group

Right: For all things 'Nam!

Check out our Official Facebook Groups. Members of the Design Studio are regularly checking out posts here and if the community cannot answer your question we will be on hand to help out as soon as possible.

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