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Casey's US Fighting First Progress

Casey's US Fighting First Progress
with Casey Davies
Avanti continues the war in the desert. I have too many armies on the go at the moment so have I’m continuing to work on the US army that I started on the Fighting First launch.

I’m chose to make a Sherman armored squadron because shermans are cool and since they are reatively expensive it will make painting the army a bit quicker.

M4 Sherman Tank Company  
M4 Sherman Tank Company HQ 16 Points

M4 Sherman Tank (x 2)


M4 Sherman Tank Platoon 1 32 Points
M4 Sherman Tank (x 4)  
M4 Sherman Tank Platoon 2 32  Points
M4 Sherman Tank (x 2)  
M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon
2 Points
M4 (81mm Mortar) (x 3)  
Armored Recon Patrol
3 Points
M3A1 Armored Car (x 2)  
Jeep (MG) (x 1)  
Jeep (60mm) (x 1)  
Support Units  
M7 Priest Artillery Battery  11 Points
M7 Priest (105mm) (x 3)  
Total 100 points 

On the Fighting First launch date I managed to get the whole army except the Armored Recon patrol assembled, primed, and about half the tanks basecoated. Since then I’ve finished the basecoat on the rest of the tanks and managed to apply a magic wash.

Casey's US Fighting First Progress

Casey's US Fighting First Progress

The plan today is to magic-wash the tracks and panel-fade the tanks and just see how far I get. I usually paint the tracks separately as I find them easier to paint this way, and leaving them and the machine-guns on the sprue makes them easy to handle while painting.

If I complete all that I’ll try to lay down a coat of gloss varnish to get ready for decals.

My plan it to have these looking relatively fresh off the boat so I’m not going to go too heavy on the weathering.

Right: Casey's base coated hulls

Casey's US Fighting First Progress

Last Updated On Thursday, February 8, 2018