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Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43


Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

With their equipment outclassed by the enemy’s, the Italian soldier had no choice but to substitute bravery for technology. Despite British propaganda that painted the Italians as cowardly and easily defeated, the Italians fought well and bravely and won many victories that were attributed to the Germans (and were even blamed for German defeats that they had no part in!). Avanti reflects this in the way the Italians are portrayed. 

Avanti Design Notes...

Lorenzo's Rams - Army Deal (ITAB02)
Lorenzo's Ram is a mix of tanks and artillery containing the light M14/41 armed to take on infantry and light tanks, the harder punching Semovente tanks maned by their courageous Italian crews and both supported by the elite Italian artillery using 100mm Howitzers. With fierce determination the Italians are ready to take on what the Allies have to throw at them. 

Lorenzo's Rams - Army Deal (ITAB02)...

Lorenzo's Rams (ITAB02)

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (IBX14)

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (Plastic)
The M14/41 is excellent against enemy infantry. It has plenty of machine-gun firepower and an effective high-explosive round for engaging anti-tank guns. The Semovente mounted the 75mm howitzer on the chassis of the M14/41 tank. The Semovente mounts a bigger gun, and  is also more heavily armoured, thanks to no longer needing a turret.

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (Plastic) (IBX14)...

100mm Howitzer Battery (Plastic) (IBX12)
The 100/17 howitzer is an Austrian design for a short (L/17) 100mm howitzer dating back to the First World War. However, it's still an effective weapon in skilled hands. Firing a modernised 13.8kg (30.4 lb) shell, it had a greater punch than the British 25 pdr gun.

100mm Howitzer Battery (Plastic) (IBX12)...

100mm Howitzer Battery (Plastic) (IBX12)

88mm Anti-Tank Battery (Plastic) (IBX13)

88mm Anti-Tank Battery (Plastic) (IBX13)
When production of their own 90m heavy anti-aircraft gun failed to keep pace with demand, the Italians purchased German 88mm anti-aircraft guns to make up the numbers. Like the Germans, the Italians used the deadly '88' as a heavy anti-tank gun, giving them the range and punch to knock out any Allied tank, even the Sherman, at ranges where the tanks could not strike back.

The 88mm anti-aircraft gun is accurate out to a range of several kilometeres, giving it the ablitiy to knock out tanks beyond the range at which they can reply.

88mm Anti-Tank Battery (Plastic) (IBX13)...

Italian AT Gun Platoon (Plastic) (IBX18)
The light 47/32 gun is a small and mobile 47mm gun, allowing it to accompany infantry in the attack or be easily hidden in the defence. It is effective against enemy machine-guns and light tanks, knocking out these threats to the infantry it protects.

The Austrian-designed 47/32 M35 gun is relatively light for its calibre at 315kg (695 lb), making it quite mobile for a heavy crew-served weapon. Its 2.37kg (5.23 lb) explosive shells are quite effective at knocking out enemy machine-gun nests, while its armour-piercing and HEAT rounds are deadly against light tanks.

Italian AT Gun Platoon (Plastic) (IBX18)...

Italian AT Gun Platoon (IBX18)

Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)

Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon (IT763)
The rifle companies sent to Tunisia retained the standard organisation of three platoons armed with bolt-action Carcano rifles and Breda M30 light machine-guns. This suited the mountainous terrain where tanks were less of a threat, and the light-weight Italian support weapons came into their own.

Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon (IT763)...

Bersaglieri Weapons Platoon (IT762)
After taking heavy casualties in the siege of Tobruk, infantry units in Africa were reorganised to have 'fewer men, more weapons'. The heavy weapons companies were disbanded and their weapons split up amongst the infantry companies to create all-arms strongpoints capable of tackling both tanks and infantry.

Bersaglieri Weapons Platoon (IT762)...

Bersaglieri Weapons Platoon (IT762)

Bersaglieri MG & Mortar Platoon (IT764)

Bersaglieri MG & Mortar Platoons (IT764)
The light 45mm Brixia M35 assault mortar is an unusual weapon. It was a rapid-firing, breech-loading grenade launcher used to lay down a quick and intense bombardment to cover close-quarters assaults.

Bersaglieri MG & Mortar Platoons (IT764)...

Bersaglieri Assault Engineer Platoon (IT765)
The assault engineers led the attack wherever the Royal Army needed to break through a fortified position.Equipped with everything they needed, from flame-throwers to demolition charges, machine-guns to rapid-fire light mortars, the engineers were almost unstoppable in a close assault on an enemy defensive position.

Bersaglieri Assault Engineer Platoon (IT765)

Bersaglieri Assault Engineer Platoon (IT765)

90mm on Lancia Battery (IBX15)

90mm on Lancia Battery
The Royal Army developed truck-mounted guns in the First World War to make moving heavy artillery easier. They continued this trend with the new 90/53 long-barrelled 90mm heavy antiaircraft gun, mounting it on a Lancia Ro truck along with numerous outriggers to stabilise it when firing.

Although large, the resulting vehicle provides the artillery arm with a mobile, high-velocity, dual-purpose anti-aircraft/anti-tank weapon.

90mm on Lancia Battery (IBX15)...

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon
As a wheeled armoured car, the AB41 is very fast on hard surfaces, although less mobile in difficult terrain. Its 20mm gun is effective against enemy armoured cars, allowing it to drive off enemy reconnaissance to protect their own force's advance.

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon (IBX16)...

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon (IBX16)

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon (IBX17)

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon
The L6/40 was designed as an infantry-support tank, so is well armoured for such a tiny vehicle, giving it a distinct advantage over the lighter Allied armoured cars.

While its 20mm gun is an effective weapon, having the commander act as gunner and loader limits how well it can be used.

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon (IBX17)...

Autocannone AA Platoon (IBX20)
The Breda 20/65 M35 20mm anti-aircraft gun gave the Royal Army an effective light anti-aircraft weapon. In North Africa, they were mounted on trucks as Autocannoni, giving them the mobility to accompany motorised troops in fast-moving battles. The weapon was popu­lar, but relatively scarce with only a handful in each division.

The Breda 20/65 M35 20mm anti-aircraft gun was designed as a dual purpose weapon for use against both aircraft and ground targets.

Autocannone AA Platoon (IBX20)...

Autocannone AA Platoon (IBX20)

CR.42 Falco Assault Section (IBX19)

CR.42 Falco Assault Section (IBX19)
When the CR.42 Falco ('Falcon') biplane finished its days as a fighter, it found a new role as a ground-attack 'assault' aircraft. This rugged and reliable aircraft was easy to maintain and fly, allowing it to perform well in its new job.

It was in the North African theatre that the CR.42 is performed at its best. Experienced Italian pilots, the majority of them being veterans of the Spanish Civil War, employed the exceptional manoeuvrability of the CR.42 to great effect, enabling successful attacks against RAF Gladiators, Hurricanes and Spitfires.

CR.42 Falco Assault Section (IBX19)...

Avanti Command Cards (FW244C)
Command Cards provide Flames Of War generals with a way to further personalise and enhance their forces.

These optional cards include a range of options that can enhance or change your gaming experience by adding new Formations, Upgrades and Warriors, giving you even more choice when building your force.

Avanti Command Cards (FW244C)...

Avanti Command Cards (FWC244)

Avanti Unit Cards (FW244U)

Avanti Unit Cards
For a limited time only the Avanti Unit Card Pack will be available. The pack contains one of each Unit Card that relates the book. These packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

Avanti Unit Cards (FW243U)...

Avanti Gaming Aids
Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers. Sometimes they get pinned down or bail out of their tanks. They can dig foxholes for protection or go to ground, hiding from the enemy. Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops and themed dice will decide the course of the game.

Avanti Gaming Aids...

Avanti Gaming Aids

Building An Italian Tank Company:
Taking a Combined Arms Approach
Chris has been thinking a lot about the Italian forces in Avanti and more specifically their tanks. Rather than just continuing to mull it over in his mind he thought he would share some thoughts with the community and see what everyone else thinks.

Building An Italian Tank Company...

Building An Italian Tank Company: Taking a Combined Arms Approach

Avanti (FW244)

Italian Armour and Avanti
The release of Avanti sees the Italians join Mid War and with them comes two great little tanks that are so interesting we thought they deserved a brief preview all of their own.

After World War I, Italy began developing their own tanks using imported models as the basis. The L3 tankette saw combat in the years leading up to World War II and was lightly armed and armoured but was fast and saw combat almost everywhere the Italian Army fought.

It's limited capabilities required the development of a series of medium tanks, starting with the M13/39 (used by the Italian Army in Early War) and then M13/40 and M14/41.

Italian Armour and Avanti...

Avanti Forces and Formations
Avanti: Italian Forces in North Africa is our latest book for Flames Of War in our Mid War range. With the coming release and following the same format of Desert Rats and Afrika Korps they use similar formations with a few unique advantages. We’ll be seeing the Formations in the book along with some historical background on the 20th Armoured Corps

Corpo d'Armata Motocorazzato, the 20th Armoured Corps, took a leading part in nearly every battle in the North African Campaign from Gazala to Enfidaville. The core of the formation was the 132nd ‘Ariete’ Armoured Division, the 133rd ‘Littorio’ Armoured Division, and the 101st ‘Trieste’ Motorised Division.

Avanti Forces and Formations...

Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

We had our Avanti Live Launch on the 9th of February. Don't worry if you missed it. We kept all the content up for you to look through and enjoy at your convenience.

Check out the Avanti Live Launch here...

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