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MOAB 2017 “Baptism of Fire” Event Photos
MOAB (Mother Of All Battles) is one of those events that has been drawing players to it for more years than most of us can count (even I've made the trek across the ditch to play there ~ Chris).

To really keep things interesting they used the optional Battle Plans system that is available as part of the More Missions Pack (available on the Downloads section of the website) to great effect.

Patrick reported that in the traditional Aussie spirit the majority of players choose to Attack and that the agressive play generally worked (well it worked for one of the players at least) with half the games resulting in an 8:1 Victory for someone.

Congratulations to winners and everyone else that went along and had fun, remember MOAB 2018 is only 12 months away!

MOAB 2017

Justin Yap and Ben Wynn

MOAB 2017

Dave Rae and Adam Langsam

MOAB 2017

John McG and Daniel O

MOAB 2017

Robert Mun and Paul Collins

MOAB 2017

Christian and Trick

MOAB 2017

Last Updated On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 by Chris at Battlefront