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Flames Of War Flames Of War and Team Yankee
2017 and beyond (Part 2)

This week brings part two of our Flames Of War and Team Yankee update from the Battlefront Miniatures team.

If you missed all the news in part one you can check it out here...

Release Schedule
September sees the release of our third book for Mid War, Fighting First, covering the US forces in North Africa. This book is larger than either Desert Rats or Afrika Korps and when combined with the Command Cards will almost complete our coverage of the Americans in Mid War.

  • At the start of November we will see the updated Team Yankee rulebook and new starter set “Hammerfall” release. It will be followed by Stripes (US forces in Team Yankee) which will be released in late November along with part 2 of our Firestorm Campaign.

  • Following this we have the fourth Mid War desert book which will cover the Italians. It will include new plastic kits including a M14/41 tank and Semovente self-propelled gun, as well as artillery and anti tank guns in plastic. In addition there will be a fully remastered resin and metal range.
Fighting First: US Forces In North Africa 1942-43
  • We then have the final desert book to conclude our coverage of the battles in North Africa; 8th Army, which will focus on the British infantry and tank forces (yes it will include British Sherman tanks and Priest SPGs) not already covered in Desert Rats. This will come with several new plastic tanks as well as the lend-lease US vehicles that the British can field.
From here we will turn our attention to the Eastern Front where battles like Kursk and Stalingrad will be the focus towards he middle of next year.

Wild Cards
When we released V4 we included a little box in the Force Diagrams called “Wildcard”. This option was put there to allow us to add additional units later that were considered too specific (or wacky) for inclusion in the original book.

90th Light Infantry Division
Later this year you will see the very first of these released and we have picked one that we know will be a crowd favourite with DAK players, the 90th Light Infantry Division. The box will contain 3 Diana Self-propelled Anti-tank guns, 3 7.6cm PaK36(r) guns (and crew) as well as their associated Unit Cards to allow you to field them in the Wildcard slot. Additionally we will also include a new Formation Card that allows you to take a 90th Light Rifle Company where your 5cm Tank-Hunter Platoons get upgraded to 7.6cm Tank-Hunter Platoons using captured Soviet guns.

Stay tuned for the release of the 90th Light box later this year with more details to follow.


90th Light Division

Late War
V4 has brought many new players to Flames Of War, as well as older veterans returning after a break. For these players the existing range of V3 books are completely new and having to juggle the older books along with the special rules book is proving difficult for many.

To support these players we are working on an updated Late War book. For veteran players it will be along the lines of Fortress Europe (or Festung Europa for the really old amongst us) and it will allow players field a wide range of their existing miniature collections. It won’t include every model in our range, nor will it include every list from our extensive range of books (over 250 companies in LW) but it will make it simpler for players as the contents will be updated to match the 1944-1945 V4 Rulebook and with the Special Rules book incorporated as well. The book will have abuout 19 companies in it from the four major nations. This book will be accompanied by nation specific unit card packs to ensure that existing players are able to upgrade to the latest edition of the game and keep using their existing armies.

Along with this book we will be releasing four new army deals designed to help new players (along with the rest of us that are looking to start a new army) we will be releasing four new Late War army deals that are designed to make the transition from Mid to Late easier.

All of these new Late War products will be out in November.


German Army Deal

  • 5 Panther G tanks (plastic)
  • 3 Panzer IV tanks (plastic)
  • 2 Sd Kfz 234 armoured cars (plastic)
  • 2 Tiger 1e tanks (plastic)
  • 2 8.8cm FlaK36 guns (plastic) and crew (metal)
  • V4 Late War Rulebook

British Army Deal

  • 5 Cromwell tanks (plastic)
  • 2 Firefly VC tanks (plastic)
  • 2 M10C 17 pdr SP guns (plastic)
  • 4 25 pdr guns (plastic) and crew (metal)
  • 1 OP Carrier (plastic) and OP team (metal)
  • V4 Late War Rulebook
American Army Deal
  • 8 M4A3 (late) tanks (plastic)
  • 3 M7 Priest GMC self-propelled guns (plastic)
  • 3 M36 Pershing (plastic)
  • V4 Late War Rulebook

Soviet Army Deal

  • 7 T-34/85 tanks (plastic)
  • 2 IS-2 tanks (plastic)
  • 2 ISU-122 or 152 tanks (plastic)
  • 4 76mm ZiS-3 guns and crew (plastic)
  • V4 Late War Rulebook

Nam Cover Preview

Osprey Publishing Relationship
With the arrival of V4 we knew we wanted to try and update as many of the periods as we could as fast as possible. We are excited to be building a range of products produced and designed by Battlefront Miniatures then published by Osprey.

The first of these projects is an update of the Vietnam and Arab-Israeli books to bring them in to line with Team Yankee. Each book will be fully self-contained and include the full rules required to play the game as well as army lists.

Of course we wanted to expand the scope of both books so ‘Nam will include everything from the previous books as well as adding the US Marines.

Fate Of A Nation will also grow to not just include the events of the Six Day War but also grow to encompass the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

There will also be Card Packs featuring all the Unit Cards as well as adding some new miniatures to the range including some plastic kits as well.

‘Nam will be out in early 2018 with Fate Of A Nation following in mid 2018.

Following 'Nam and Fate Of A Nation you can expect to see an updated version of Great War as well.

Nam Cover Preview

So there you have it, 2017 at a glance. What a year it has been and there is still a lot more to come. Of course none of this is possible without you so we would also like to take this opportunity once more to thank all of you for your continued support.

~Battlefront Miniatures

Last Updated On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 by Chris at Battlefront