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Fighting First: US Forces In North Africa 1942-43 Fighting First Plastic Preview
New Plastic Shermans and Priests Join The War

The United States is the newest army to enter the war. They boast some of the best tanks and self-propelled guns to see the battlefields of North Africa and today we can share a first look at what the new plastic models will look like...

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M4 Sherman
M4 Sherman

The M4 Medium Tank—best known by the nickname ‘Sherman’ given to it by the British—is the most famous American tank, operated in large numbers by the US and their allies across all theatres. Over the course of the war there will be numerous variants, changing the engine and suspension, adding more armour and bigger guns, but all with the same tall, solid shape.

The model includes two different transmission covers (that's the bit at the 'nose' of the hull, two different gun mantlets and sand guards making it a very versatile kit... more on this another time however.

M4 Sherman
M7 Priest

While towed artillery is fine for the infantry divisions, an armored force requires a good self-propelled artillery piece which can keep
up with the tanks as they advance. The British gave the M7 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage the nickname ‘Priest’ because of the pulpit-like appearance of its machine-gun mounting ring.

The new M7 Priest is a fantastic model to put together with the components nicely keyed to make assembly as simple (and fast) as possible. For me it is the simplicity of attaching the machine-gun 'pulpit' that was the most outstanding feature!

~ Chris

M7 Priest
M7 Priest

Last Updated On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 by Chris at Battlefront