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Major Hans von Luck

Major Hans von Luck (GE887)
Hans von Luck and a Panzer IV tank

Hans-Ulrich von Luck und Witten was born into a family with a long military history, including service with Frederick the Great in the Eighteenth Century. Von Luck joined the German Army in 1929 and was quickly appointed to the newly-created Panzerwaffe, or Armoured Force.

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When war broke out, von Luck commanded armoured reconnaissance battalions through Poland and France, and later fought on the Eastern Front in 1941. His reputation as a commander was sealed in the deserts of North Africa where he led the reconnaissance battalion of 21. Panzerdivision. In the comradely atmosphere of the desert, even his opponents knew and respected his abilities.

Von Luck was seriously wounded in May 1942, but returned to North Africa for the fighting in Tunisia. Just before the surrender in Tunisia, von Luck was transferred back to Germany. After teaching at the reconnaissance school in Paris, he took command of 125. Panzergrenadierregiment of 21. Panzerdivision under his old comrade Rommel. 

Major Hans von Luck
Major Hans von Luck

Von Luck’s regiment was conducting anti-invasion exercises when the British 6th Airborne Division began landing in the early morning hours of D-Day and he was one of the few German commanders to organise local counterattacks. His regiment continued to fight the British airborne position for the rest of the month of June.

On the day Operation Goodwood commenced, von Luck was on leave. He quickly returned and set about reorganising the German defence. 

Touring the German line in a borrowed Panzer IV tank, von Luck pulled his pistol and forced a Luftwaffe anti-aircraft battery to turn their 8.8cm FlaK18 anti-aircraft guns on the advancing Allied armour. His quick action delayed the advance of the British Guards Armoured Division, buying time for German counterattacks.

In Flames Of War

Major Hans von Luck is a Warrior and a Higher Command SMG team with a Kübelwagen for transport.
He is rated as Confident Veteran.

Major Hans von Luck
Major Hans von Luck

Von Luck may join a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie or Panzergrenadierkompanie from 21. Panzerdivision for +25 points.

Von Luck may be mounted in a Panzer IV H tank instead of being an SMG team for an additional +75 points. If he is mounted in a tank, you may not field one of your Panzer Platoons with more than four Panzer IV H tanks since he has the fifth one.

Special Rules

Get Moving: Von Luck knows the value of speed, and of caution. He’s always on the move, seeking the critical point.

Major von Luck, and any platoon he leads, may re-roll failed Skill Tests to make Stormtrooper moves. 

Better Late than Never: Major von Luck has an unfortunate habit of missing the start of battles. However, once he arrives, he orders every available unit to counterattack.

Major von Luck always starts the game off table in Reserve. The German player may re-roll one die each turn when rolling for Reserves. When the first unit arrives from Reserve, von Luck arrives with that unit.
 Major Hans von Luck
Major Hans von Luck

If there are no reserves in the mission, von Luck is still in reserve and rolls to arrive as per the reserves rule with the exception of re-rolling as above. He will then arrive anywhere on the German table edge when successful.

Reconnaissance Expert: Von Luck is a reconnaissance man.

Unless he has joined a platoon, von Luck may Disengage as if he were a Recce team. Because of his experience, he is never Forced to Disengage (See pages 150 and 151 of the rulebook).

Von Luck designed by Seth
Tank designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy
Major Hans von Luck

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