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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Sd Kfz 222 by selecting the hull without grill. Step 2. Next, attach the left-hand side wheels. 
Step 3. Attach the right-hand side wheels. 
Step 4. Mount the gun to the turret. 
Below: Gun mounted in position.  Step 5. Fit the turret roof to the turret. 
Step 6. Position the turret on the hull. 
Below: A fully assembled Sd Kfz 222. 
Step 1. Begin assembly of the Sd Kfz 221 MG by selecting the hull with grill. Step 2. Next, attach the left-hand side wheels to the hull Below: Left hand-side wheels in place.
Step 2. Attach the right-hand side wheels

Step 3. Position the MG turret on the hull.
Below: A fully assembled Sd Kfz 221 MG. 
Note: Complete Step 1 Step 2 from the assembly guide for the Sd Fkz 221 MG before starting Step 3. 
Step 3. Affix the 2.8cm gun to its mount.
Below: The 2.8cm gun in place.
Step 4. Next, position the gunner behind the 2.8cm gun. Below: Gunner in position. 
Step 5. To finish, fit the turret to the top of the hull. 
Below: A fully assembled Sd Kfz 221 2.8cm.  

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