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From The Desert To The Steppe

From The Desert To The Steppe:
Casey’s Eastern Front Panzerkompanie
with Casey Davies

While Afrika Korps covers the Germans in the desert, it can also be used as the skeleton for a Panzerkompanie serving on the Eastern Front. I’ve always wanted to paint an Early / Mid-war Panzerkompanie in Panzer Grey, so when the new plastic Panzer III and Panzer IV plastic kits started arriving in the office, I appropriated a company’s worth.

Below: The Panzer III Tank Company HQ.
From The Desert To The Steppe
I’m quite slow at painting, so I wanted to design a list that would be quick and easy to paint. I decided on a Panzer III Tank Company as it has access to both Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks. I added the Tiger because it soaks up a lot of points, meaning I can get the army to the table faster. Historically, this combination places the army around the third Battle of Kharkov in February 1942.
Below: More Panzer IIIs.
From The Desert To The Steppe

The army is still a work in progress. The basic colours are done, but I still have a lot of weathering to do. The complete army is as follows:

Panzer III Tank Company HQ
2x Panzer III  (1x 5cm and 1x Long 5cm): 12 points.

Below: The Panzer IV Tank Platoon.
From The Desert To The Steppe
Panzer III (Mixed) Tank Platoon
4x Panzer III (1x Short 5cm. 2x long 5cm and 1x Uparmoured 5cm): 27 points.

Panzer IV Tank Platoon
4x Panzer IV (2x Short 7.5cm and 2x Long 7.5cm): 32 points.
Below: The Tiger (8.8cm).
From The Desert To The Steppe

Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon
1x Tiger (8.8cm): 29 points.

I ended up painting up an extra Panzer III (7.5cm) to give me options later. I intend on rounding the army out with some Marders, 88s, armoured cars later, to add to my large Mid-war Eastern Front SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie.

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~ Casey.

Below: The Panzer III Company as it currently stands.
From The Desert To The Steppe

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