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Smoke Markers (AT009)

Smoke Markers (AT009)
includes two Smoke Markers.

Before Shooting normally, a Unit may elect to fire smoke, rather than armour-piercing or explosive ammunition, with any or all of its weapons that have this capability. Smoke will make it harder to hit targets that have been hit, of course if you are facing superior numbers you can smoke a few enemy tanks or guns and then single out the rest.

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Inside the blister pack you'll find:
4x Large smoke sections; 2x Smoke bases
Smoke Markers (AT009)
Smoke Markers (AT009)
Assembling the Smoke Markers
Step 1. To create one Smoke Marker, gather one base and two large smoke sections.  Step 2. Insert each of the large smoke sections into the holes located in the base.
Smoke Markers (AT009) Smoke Markers (AT009) Smoke Markers (AT009)
The Smoke Markers on the Tabletop
Smoke Markers (AT009)

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