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Battle of El Alamein: War in the Desert

El Alamein is your introduction to the exciting world of Flames Of War, the world’s most popular World War II miniatures game.

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Flexible Plastic Figures

Working With Flexible Plastic
Many of our new infantry and gun crew figures are have been produced using a new casting technique and material we have been developing.

To find out how easy it is to prepare and paint these new plastic figures click on the link below.

Working With Flexible Plastic...

Step 1. Begin assembly of the 17/25 pdr gun by attaching the wheels to each side of the gun carriage.
Below: The wheels successfully attached to the gun carriage. Step 2. Next, add the gun sight to the left-hand side of the gun carriage.
Step 3. Attach the 17 pdr gun barrel to the gun carriage. Step 4. Next, attach the gun shield to the front of the gun carriage.
Below: The gun shield successfully attached to the front of the gun carriage. Step 5. Finally, attach the assembled 17/25 pdr gun to the gun turntable.
Step 1. The 17/25 pdr gun limber can be modelled closed or with the doors to the ammunition stowage open.
Below: The gun limber with open doors. Step 2. Next, attach the right-hand side wheel to the gun limber.
Step 3. Attach the left-hand side wheel to the gun limber. Step 4. Finally, complete assembly of the gun limber by attaching the tow bar.
Below: The 17/25 pdr gun is based on a large six-hole base. Step 1. Use the base plugs to fill any holes on the bases that aren't required. The 17/25 pdr gun has five crew but the gunner is mounted on the gun itself.
Below: The 17/25 pdr gun includes two loader figures. In the image below, the figure on the left is the loader for the 17/25 pdr and the figure on the right, the 25 pdr. Note the difference in size of the ammunition in respects to each loader. Step 2. Position the rest of the gun crew on the base.
Below: The gun crew positioned on the base. Step 3. Next, attach the gunner figure to the gun carriage.
Step 4. Attach the 17/25 pdr gun to the base. Step 5. To complete assembly of the 17/25 pdr gun, position the gun limber of the base near the loader. Optional Step: Use the spent ammunition casing and loose ammunition to personalise your 17/25 pdr gun.

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