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Boot Camp is your introduction to 4th Edition and the exciting world of Flames Of War, the world’s most popular World War II miniatures game.
Phil and James Boot Camp Battle Report
Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats

To conclude the lessons laid out in the 4th Edition Boot Camp, Phil and James put the theory into practice by playing a 62-point game using the Free For All mission.

Free For All is a good mission for newer players, as it doesn't include special rules like reserves or ambushes, and both players have the same general goal: to find and destroy the enemy.

Phil and James

 After demonstrating how creating a force works in 4th Edition in the Army Building video, Phil decided to use that 62-point Grant Armoured Squadron in the battle. Boot Camp: Army Building
Phil's Desert Rats
Phil's Desert Rats Desert Rats
Grant Armoured Squadron  
Grant Armoured Squadron HQ — 3 x Grant 18 points
Grant Armoured Troop — 3 x Grant 18 points
Crusader Armoured Troop — 3 x Crusader II 5 points
Support Units  
Motor Platoon — 3 x Bren gun, Boys AT rifle, 2-inch mortar 7 points
25 pdr Field Troop — 4 x 25 pdr gun 14 points
Total 62 points

James made his own 62-point army from Afrika Korps, a Panzer III Tank Company.

James's Afrika Korps
James's Afrika Korps Afrika Korps
Panzer III Tank Company  
Panzer III Tank Company HQ — 1 x Panzer III (long 5cm), 1 x Panzer III (short 5cm) 12 points
Panzer III (mixed) Tank Platoon — 3 x Panzer III (short 5cm) 15 points
Panzer IV Tank Platoon — 1 x Panzer IV (long 7.5cm), 1 x Panzer IV (short 7.5cm) 16 points
Support Units  
Africa Rifle Platoon — 4 x MG34, 1 x 2.8cm AT rifle 7 points
8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon — 3 x 8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon 12 points
Total 62 points

You can play Flames Of War at whatever points level you and your opponent like. 50 points will usually give you a fairly quick game, while 80 or 100 points will give you a longer, more varied battle. In this case, 62 points just happened to be what Phil's example force worked out to, but it is as good a points level as any and gave us a good medium-sized game in which both our forces had a variety of different units.
Below: The battlefield before the first turn, showing the objectives and initial deployment.
Boot Camp Battle Report
Boot Camp Battle Report Boot Camp Battle Report
  In the first few turns, we both make plans by which we hope to win the game, then try to put them into effect. Of course, they say no plan survives contact with the enemy!
Who will triumph in the final turns of the battle? Both of the formations are edging toward breaking point, so it could go either way...

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