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The US Office Plays 4th Edition The US Office Plays 4th Edition
with Brian Sullivan and David Griffin

Here at the North American Sales Office, we’re often times so busy that we don’t get to play too many games (at least not in the office, especially with John-Paul potentially lurking around every corner). Today two of our Account Managers, Brian Sullivan and David Griffin, took 4th Edition out for a test drive through the desert and, after many burning wrecks later, here’s their story.

Brian: While normally I’d play Germans, I thought I could give Dave a run for his money with British. My plan was to concentrate on my flanks during deployment and leave the middle relatively open, I was then able to use speed to envelop the German tanks by turn two.

Dave: Normally I prefer British, especially my beloved Honey Stuarts, but was cajoled into trying out the German side of things. I ended up with an army of five Panzer IIIs totalling 34 points facing down Brian’s 12 British Crusaders and Grants.

The US Office Plays 4th Edition 
The US Office Plays 4th Edition

Brian’s plan to envelop Dave’s force did indeed begin to take shape. After a furious exchange of fire in the first turn, the majority of Brian’s shots pinged harmlessly off of Dave’s Panzer IIIs while Dave managed to bail out one of Brian’s Crusaders; shots against the Grants had no effect.

Turn two for Brian was miserable. While his superior speed did allow him to get his Crusaders into position for some flank shots at close range, his slower grants remained out of the fight, hidden as they were by escarpments. The flurry of dice rolling only 1s, 2s and the occasional 3, did nothing for Brian. 

Dave made good use of his Panzer IIIs’ Blitz and Shoot ‘n Scoot abilities to avoid much of Brian’s fury. By turn four Dave had only lost one Panzer III to Brian’s nine Crusaders and one Grant. By this time, lunch had reared its hungry head and the two Account Managers called the game a German win.

Brian’s Conclusion
Crusader’s high mobility is a great advantage and the only thing that keeps it alive on the battlefield. 

The US Office Plays 4th Edition
The US Office Plays 4th Edition Crusaders are best used en masse or supported by heavier Grants, they are no match for a Panzer in a one-on-one fight. Smoke is also an important tool, which allows the player to conceal their advance until they are ready to swarm the enemy. I’ll be sticking with my Germans.

Dave’s Conclusion
The ability for the Germans to use TWO movement orders a turn is huge. Blitz 4”/10cm and fire with a full ROF, the scoot off after shooting.

I was able to keep even the nimble Crusaders off-balance and moving in this most recent game, allowing my thicker armor and better gun to really put the hurt on them one platoon at a time.

In short, I had an enjoyable 4th Edition game, also important is that the game was faster. During the game, the photographer complained we were actually moving too fast for him to catch some of the choice game-changer moments. I will, however, be happy to go back to my Honey Stuarts.

~ Brian and Dave.

The US Office Plays 4th Edition
The US Office Plays 4th Edition The US Office Plays 4th Edition

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