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A Newbies Guide To British in 4th Edition Flames Of War: Part One
Which Army To Collect
with Jonathan Peace

I have wanted to get into Flames Of War for many years, having a long held yet never fully explored interest in World War Two history. Thankfully, starting to work for Battlefront last year gave me an opportunity to look up close at the rules, the armies and the many different models before committing fully to an army.

However, the huge 300-page rulebook and the vast amount of choice between armies and in the different lists across all the Intelligence Handbooks was a bit daunting and so I never really dipped more than a toe into the game, choosing instead to concentrate on the British in Team Yankee.
A Newbies Guide To British in 4th Edition Flames Of War: Part One

So when we were told a new version of Flames Of War was on the horizon, one that was more streamlined in both terms of rules and product range, I was excited to finally begin my World War Two adventures. But which army to focus on?

After a look at both the Afrika Korps and Armoured Fist books, I was instantly drawn to the British and their Grant tanks. Now, I am more a hobbyist wargamer, preferring to base my armies on the types of models I like as opposed to their relative strengths in-game, yet the Grant, with their impressive outline of a sturdy solid tank plus their 75mm hull guns and 37mm turret gun, fills both categories.

A Newbies Guide To British in 4th Edition Flames Of War: Part One

The second boon for me would be the new plastic Infantry coming out in a few months time. I loved painting the Mechanised Platoon for Iron Maiden and so I’ll be definitely adding support units made up of the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, backed up by lots of Universal Carriers.

Lastly, the Hurricane is such an iconic image from World War Two. I remember building Airfix kits and those balsa-wood planes when I was a kid. I’m really looking forward to getting a flight of these impressive Flying Can Openers with which to destroy my opponents tanks.

A Newbies Guide To British in 4th Edition Flames Of War: Part One

Over the coming months, I’ll be dedicating my hobby time to building, collecting and actually playing with an Armoured Fist army (while secretly building a German army on the side) for Flames Of War. The first selection will be done for the upcoming launch and then each month I’ll add a few more units as I get to grips with the game and the tactics of my British army.

~ Jonathan.

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