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Matt's Afrika Rifle Company

Matt's Afrika Rifle Company
with Matthew Maggitti

I was initially impressed with the power and versatility of both the Panzer III and IV, but I wanted to try something different. The Afrika Korps Rifle Company has access to some fairly cheap, long range guns minus the cost of the armour and mobility.

The two mandatory Afrika Rifle Platoons get the heavy weapon upgrades to give them more endurance, punch, & flexibility. I hold off on buying the fourth MG34 team for each platoon because I'll use those two points for another unit of recon. I'm gambling that the famous German grit will be durable enough.

Left: Matt busy assembly his army.

Matt's Afrika Rifle Company

The 5cm guns are only 4 points each with a 28"/70cm range and Anti-tank 9.  With a 3+ gun save, they have some durability. The heaviest British tank is the Grant which has Front armour 5.  Crusaders and Honeys only have Front armour of 3. The 5cm guns can easily engage the Grants and tear through the lighter tanks.

Marder 7.62cm tank hunters offer some mobility and a 32"/80cm range and Anti-tank 12. 8.8cm guns give a 40"/100cm range with a massive Anti-tank 14. Both feature a 3+ Firepower. There are other weapons that are more deadly, but these offer a good mix of anti-tank and range.

Matt's Afrika Rifle Company

My army is rounded out with four points spent on two units of recon. These light vehicles have little protection but can serve as chess pawns as they seize and contest objectives. They can also engage the enemy artillery and guns.

I'm slightly worried about enemy aircraft since I traded the Sd Kfz 10/4 platoon for the two recon units. The Self-Defense AA rule gives my 88s and Sd Kfz 222s a single shot against enemy aircraft. I have enough of these units on the table that I think I'll be alright.

Matt's Afrika Rifle Company

With 14 stands of infantry, 13 guns, and nine vehicles, there is a decent body count and a high damage/model ratio. Can I do enough damage against the central thrust and give myself time to reposition against the flank attack? An interesting conundrum, I'm looking forward to seeing the Afrika Korps performance in the field!

~ Matt.

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