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Andrew's Motor Company

Andrew's Motor Company
with Andrew Haught

I’ve been looking forward to updating my current British Desert list as it has not changed in seven years and I am really keen to give it a much-needed makeover. I plan to touch up some of the paint and add some of the new plastic tanks as they just look so good on the table. The 17/25 pdr is another aspect from this list I want to add, I didn’t field them before because they were a bit too fragile but with the new rules and platoon size, I am keen to add them to my force.

I am really keen on a mixed force, I have a solid base of fire with my 17 pdrs, 6 pdrs and HMG units. I really like how Gun teams work in 4th Edition, having their own saves on the card makes them less of a one size fits all for their rules. A 3+ save on my HMGs and 6 pdrs means they will stick around a lot longer than they used to while the 4+ on my heavier guns makes them more survivable than they used to be in Version Three.

My Motor Company
Motor Company
Motor Company HQ 2 points
with one SMLE rifle team.  
Motor Platoon 8 points
with four BREN Gun teams, one Boys anti-tank rifle & 2-inch mortar.  
Motor Platoon 8 points
with four BREN Gun teams, one Boys anti-tank rifle & 2-inch mortar.  
6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon 9 points
with three 6 pdr guns.  
Universal Carrier Patrol 2 points
with three Universal Carriers.  
Vickers MMG Platoon 4 points
with four Vickers MMG teams.  
Support Units  
25 pdr Field Troop 14 points
with 25 pdr guns.  
25 pdr Field Troop 14 points
with 25 pdr guns.  
17 pdr Anti-tank Troop 16 points
with four 17/25 pdr guns.  
Grant Armoured Troop 18 points
with three Grant (37mm & 75mm).  
Honey Armoured Troop 5 points
with three Honeys.  
Total: 100 points
My original list was a Motor Company, I really liked in Version Three and I love it in 4th Edition. The formation itself is relatively cheap allowing me to add more tanks and gun teams to support it. I love the mix of units the formations allows you to bring. Some 6pdrs, HMGs and a unit of infantry are more than enough to defend an objective from all threats. Add in some recon and another infantry unit and gives me a solid core to my force.
Andrew's Motor Company

For armour support, I chose to do a mix of Grants and Honey Stuarts. As a support option, they won’t affect my overall moral so I can be a bit more reckless with them in the early stages of the game. I plan on getting my tanks up and in my opponents face before they can properly deal with them. This is where the Universal Carriers help out, as they can Spearhead my tanks even further up the battlefield.

On top of all this, I have some really good artillery options, I plan on using my 25 pdr batteries to clear out objectives and my HMGs to discourage my opponents infantry teams from reinforcing weakened objectives.

Andrew's Motor Company

All in all, I get a really nice mix of tanks, guns and infantry. I really like the ease of list 4th Edition provides, as I can simply form together what I want to run. If I find a historical force I want to run it’s easy to plug in the units that they had available if I just want to run what I happen to have around the house it’s easy enough to do that too. You just have more options to field whatever you want to play. 

~ Andrew.

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