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8th Hussars: My First Flames Of War Army

8th Hussars:
My First Flames Of War Army
with Tim Oswalt

Being new to Flames Of War, I wanted to start with something I could easily handle; somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 points. So I choose the 8th Hussars as the basis for my first Mid-war army.

Fielding a few platoons of Honey Stuarts backed up by a Grant Platoon (for punch) at its core, the army should be pretty straight forward. The list consists of an HQ of three Stuarts with two additional platoons of Stuarts for a total of nine tanks at a mere 15 points.

Left: Tim busy assembling his first Flames Of War army.

8th Hussars: My First Flames Of War Army
Reading tank stats, I quickly realised this list would be a fast, glass hammer type of list; plenty of firepower, but little in the way of defense hence the Grant Platoon for its staying power. I don’t believe the Stuart's lack of HE (or High Explosive) rounds would be an issue as each mounts 5-dice worth of .30 caliber machine-guns (15-dice in a platoon) to take care of any infantry that may wander into their path. I’m counting on the Stuart’s incredible speed to easily overrun my slower opposition. The ease and speed of assembly of the plastics were a joy; no cleaning up metal tracks and resin mold lines.  
8th Hussars: My First Flames Of War Army

Rounding out the army are two 25 pdr field guns, a Honey OP (to use up the last Honey Stuart for my two boxes) and a flight of tank-busting Hurricanes. My strategy is to use my Stuart’s speed and numbers to overpower my opponent while anchoring my flank with some long-range artillery backed up with the Grants to plug the gaps if a breakthrough occurs.

8th Hussars: My First Flames Of War Army

My main objective is to get as many tanks across the table as possible. Using the Stuart’s Cross Country Dash of 24”/60cm or Road Dash of 28”/70cm (depending on the terrain setup); this should keep my opponent’s tanks on the defensive rather than the offensive, keeping them on their heels and forcing them to hold their own objectives. With my plan in place and Grant tanks as a backup, I am eagerly awaiting my first 4th Edition Mid-war battle.

~ Tim.

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