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At Your Convenience At Your Convenience
Customising the Convenience Store

When there is a break in the fighting and your troops find themselves in need of a snack or a packet of cigarettes, there is no better place than the convenience store. This small retail outlet is another great addition to any modern urban battlefield. But if you want to add some variety to your terrain and make it really stand out, customisation is the only way to go.

Learn more about the Convenience Store here...
Below: Convenience stores are commonplace in today’s society.  
At Your Convenience At Your Convenience
Below: The Convenience Store straight out of the box.
At Your Convenience
At Your Convenience
We have made a printable PDF featuring signage and store windows, to help you decorate your Convenience Store.
At Your Convenience  Convenience Store Windows & Signs (1.2MB)...

It includes two differently branded inserts for the store windows, as well as a variety of advertising signs and movie posters.

All of the items are very simple to use: simply cut them out carefully and glue them in place with PVA white glue. You can use as few or as many of the pieces as you like.

At Your Convenience

At Your Convenience
In the past, we've provided printable PDFs (see the links below) for customising the Fast Food Restaurant (BB207), the Petrol Station (BB193) and the Large Sign (XSO107) and Small Sign (XOS108).  

Would You Like Fries With That?
Decorating the Fast Food Restaurant
Pimp Your Pumps
Decorating the Petrol Station
Sign of the Times
Billboard Signage
Would You Like Fries With That? Pimp Your Pumps Sign of the Times

Below: The Convenience Store on the tabletop next to a customised Petrol Station.  
At Your Convenience
Below: The now customised Convenience Store next to the Petrol Station.
At Your Convenience

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