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Panzerschreck 2016
Tom Robertson and Evan Allen report back on Panzerschreck 2016

Forty-eight players in 24 teams arrived in Palmerston North for the 16th Panzerschreck Early War Flames of War tournament, arriving from as far south as Timaru and Christchurch and north from Auckland.

This was the biggest Panzerschreck tournament we’ve run so far. We are not sure if was it because of the Early War or the Teams format, but needless to say we will be sticking with the same format for next year. A note for other organisers, the Teams format allowed us to need only twelve 2500mm x 1200mm mdf tables (kindly loaned by Placemakers) for the weekend.

The teams format worked really well this year with everyone enjoying themselves with lots of positive feedback.  Although that may have been because of the tasty steak, sausage or bacon sandwiches that were supplied at a nominal fee, and the free tea and coffee!

This year we employed a different scoring system than previous years. Whilst it worked well, it was completely manual that meant it required more people to ensure the smooth running of the rounds. This extra time meant that the he Bring and Buy table was busy but the presence of a Trader from Paraparaumu on Sunday resulted in some serious money spent!

Some odd combination armies that the Early-war format allows, with a Soviet and German army together, plus a Pacific US marine army being examples but all the armies were well painted, many to very high standards. We look forward to organising next years tournament using the same format of Early-war and Teams.
Panzerschreck 2016 Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016 Panzerschreck 2016
Place Team VPs  Armies
1 BB Guns 25 French Recce & British Infantry
      1st Overall, Best Army
2 First to Warsaw 24 German Grenadiers & Soviet Tankovy
      2nd Overall
3 Conquest 04 23 German Mitler Panzerkompanie & German Leichte Panzerkompanie
      3rd Overall
4 Bro Geste 22 Free French Infantry & NZ Mechanised Company
5 Ravishing Red Rapscalions 21 Soviet Strelkovy & Soviet Strelkovy
6= Red Spot Special 19 Japanese Armour & Japanese Infantry
6= Tripoli For Tea 19 Italian Compagnia Carri & French Infantry
6= Da Mommas Boyz 19 Finnish Infantry & German Panzerkompanie
6= StopGap 19 German Panzerkompanie & German Panzerkompanie
11 French Connection 18 French Companie De Combat & British Infantry Tanks
12= Salt & Sand 17 US Marine Amphibious Tanks & British Light Tanks
12= Hitler & Stalin Tour de Poland 17 Soviet Strelkovy & Soviet Strelkovy
12= Premium Bananas 17 Finnish Panssari & German Leichte Panzerkompanie
12= Team Koch Block 17 Luftlandesturm & Luftlandesturm
12= Statler & Waldorf 17 Finnish Infantry & Finnish Panssari
17 Wounded Soldiers 16 German & German Infantry
18 OK Who? 15 German Infantry & German Infantry
19= Don’t B. T. t. F. Stewie 14 British Armoured Regiment & Stuart Company
19= Train McTrainface 14 Polish Infantry & Polish Armour
21 Clocks Running 13 Kradschutzen & Czech Panzers
22= Thunder From Downunder 12 Australian Divisional Cavalry & Australian Infantry
22= The Beer Snobs 12 German Schutzen Kompanie & German Schutzen Kompanie
      Best Sports
23= Old Dogs 11 Gebirgsjäger & Gebirgsjäger
23= Spaghetti & Bratwurst 11 German Leichte Panzerkompanie & Italian Compagnia Carri
      Unluckiest Generals
Panzerschreck 2016 Panzerschreck 2016
Russell and Bede take out the top spot (1st).
Whilst Rob and Gavin grab second with a unique army pairing.
Panzerschreck 2016 Panzerschreck 2016
Craig Courtis and Chris Pooch leave a trail of destruction behind them (3rd). Whilst Bede was stunned to take out the best painted army prize.
Panzerschreck 2016 Whilst Victor and Wayne (Spaghetti & Bratwurst) took out the award for most engaging team whilst on a road trip to Palmerston North in a van filled with BF employees (past and current).
 Army and Model Shots
Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016

Bede's best painted army in all of it's glory. Runners up were James Brown (with his 8th Army cruisers) and Victor Pesch (DAK tanks).

Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016

Victor's DAK army - small but perfectly formed. As no stranger to the BF Studio photography equipment we have asked him to bring his Panzers in for some better photos. Keep an eye on the website for these.

Below we have a few more images of some of the other armies that stood out over the course of the weekend.

Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016 Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016
Panzerschreck 2016

Thanks to everyone that travelled to Panzerschreck this year and we hope to see all of you again next time.

Below: The Studio team road trips back to Auckland, whilst taking a detour past Mount Ngauruhoe (also known and Mount Doom!)

Panzerschreck 2016

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