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Chris's Marine Amphibian Tank Company

Chris’s Marine Amphibian Tank Company

Over the past couple of months I’ve been doing a lot of list noodling around the Marine Amphibian Tank Company and their LVT(A) 'Amtanks', going backwards and forwards about what I would like to build and field. Of course, in classic Chris fashion, I’m thinking about the next project before I have even finished the last one (my Team Yankee Americans).

I’ve been drawn to the list for a number of reasons:

  1. I love the LVT models, 
  2. I’ve been reading about the actions of the Marines over the past 20 years (AAVP-7 look fantastic!) and,
  3. They have a combat platoon with six massive tanks Fearless Veteran tanks that have pretty legit stats in Pacific War period (Early War).
I’m thinking that I would like to build a pair of platoons and a full-strength HQ. With the Pacific War points two full strength platoons is perhaps investing too many points (1145) into too few eggs, but after a few games I can easily drop a couple and free up extra points for some light artillery or a Marine Engineer Assault section that I can (if I choose) combat attach into a Marine Rifle Platoon.
Chris’ Marine Amphibian Tank Company
  Pacific War
Marine Amphibian Tank Company HQ  
2 LVT(A)1 (37mm) 190 points
Marine Amphibian Tank Platoons  
6 LVT(A)1 (37mm) 555 points
6 LVT(A)4 (75mm) 400 points
Marine Rifle Platoon  
3 Rifle Squats with 2 LVT(A)4 Amtracks 275 points
Light Anti-Aircraft Platoon  
2 20mm Twin Mk 4 guns with DUKQW trucks 75 points
  1495 points
Chris’ Marine Amphibian Tank Company

As you can see, both LVT tanks are fairly pricey in the Pacific, where 1 armour is not a lot, but is actually comparable to most other tanks they are likely to come across. The Marine Rifle Platoon is really resilient and comes with a couple of Amtracs that are loaded up with machine-guns. Rounding out the list is the AA. I’m really just taking this as a cheap fourth platoon, but they should help stop a platoon of infantry or even some light tanks that get a little frisky and start heading across the table towards one of my objectives.

I’ve done a little thinking about how I would upgrade the force for Late-War, but at the moment I am hoping to head to Panzerschreck in a few months and since that is an Early-war event I haven’t been distracted by all the extra options I can fit in my list when the LVT(A) tanks drop significantly in points cost…

~ Chris

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