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Battlefield in a Box 2016 Premium Property Range

This year we are launching another limited range of Premium Buildings to add some unique centrepieces to your battlefield. Each building is designed to be characterful, yet fit in with the existing Battlefield in a Box range of buildings and houses.

Scenery plays a vital part in any miniature wargame. The Battlefield in a Box range is a quick and easy way to create a 15mm wargaming table straight out of the box.

Starting with the Steelworks Factory in mid May, these pre-painted buildings will be delivered direct to you at a rate of one every six weeks.

Fully Painted
Limited to 600 sets
Only available direct via the Flames Of War website
The expanded terrain casting and painting departments at our new factory have been busily working getting the new Premium Property range ready, starting with the Steelworks Factory.
2016 Premium Property Subscription 2016 Premium Property Subscription
The 2016 Premium Property Range
Steelworks Factory (BB198) Steelworks Factory

With design features like the saw-tooth roof and bare brick walls, this typical factory will look at home on 15mm battlefields for any period from the Industrial Revolution till today.

Click here to find out more about the Steelworks Factory...

Mid May

Late June Ruined Building

The Ruined Building includes a large two-storey house and two smaller houses, with extensive shelling or bombing damage, perfect for a wartorn 15mm urban battle zone.

Click here to find out more about the Ruined Building...

Ruined Building (BB199)

Clock Tower (BB200) Clock Tower

A gated clock tower is a common sight in towns throughout much of Northern, Western and Central Europe. Often they remain as part of a medieval fortress or town wall. It will make an ideal centrepiece for your European town battlefield.

Click here to find out more about the Clock Tower...

Mid August

Late September Café

With its awnings and gabled mansard-style roof, this café resembles any traditional restaurant, patisserie, coffee house or Konditorei throughout Europe.

Click here to find out more about the Café...

Steelworks Factory (BB198)

Steelworks Factory (BB198) Estate House

This stately home will work equally well as the centrepiece of country battlefield or as a grand home or municipal building in a town street.

Click here to find out more about the Estate House...

Mid November

Mid November Damaged Eastern Church

Like the Rural Church, this model is designed to represent a local church through much of Europe, particularly the Eastern regions, with extensive battle damage.

Click here to find out more about the Damaged Eastern Church...

Steelworks Factory (BB198)
$50 / €42 / £35 Each

There are two ways to purchase this year's Premium Property Range:

Option 1 – Pay Up Front
  • You can pay up front for 5 buildings (a total of $250 / €210 / £175), plus $20 / €16 / £10 for pre-paid shipping* and get the sixth one for free.
Option 2 – Pay As You Go
  • Or you can choose to be charged for each building as it ships. Each building will still cost $50 / €42 / £35 each, plus $6 / €5 / £3 for shipping*. The difference is you won't get the last building free.
Note – these buildings will not be available through retail stores until all subscriptions have been completely fulfilled.

Optional Add-ons
Limited-edition re-releases
Manor House Farm House & Barn
Late June Manor House Mid August Farm House & Barn
$50 / €42 / £35 Each (free shipping for Option 1 or +$6 / €5 / £3 shipping* for Option 2 customers)

Q: How long will I have to order?
A: The offer ends Wednesday 30th March 2016.
Q: Do all the properties come fully pre-painted?
A: You bet.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: Option 1 orders will be charged for 5 buildings plus shipping in advance, when the order is downloaded from the website by our warehouse staff and processed in our sales system.
Option 2 orders will be charged $50 / €42 / £35  (plus +$6 / €5 / £3 shipping*) for each building when each separate building order is actually processed and shipped.

Q: If I choose Option 2, do I have to get all six buildings?
A: No, Option 2 customers can cancel at any time. So if, once you have the Steelworks Factory, the Ruined Building and the Clock Tower, you decide you have enough scenery, you would be free to cancel your order, and would not be charged for any further buildings. 

Q: Which shipping rate applies to my location?
A: As you would expect, North American orders will be charged the USD price, Europe orders the Euro price, and UK orders the GBP price.

New Zealand and Australian Customers will be charged at the USD rate.

*Rest of the World Customers: Due to the diverse range of the places that ROW covers (from Afghanistan to Zambia) the shipping charge as shown on the website will be discounted by 50% when our team process the order. 

Don't worry if the online store shows a different 'Shipping Cost' displayed at check-out – the correct capped freight charge will be applied by our team when your order is processed.

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