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F4U Corsair (AC016)

F4U Corsair (AC016)
Includes one 1:144 scale resin and metal F4U Corsair fighter-bomber aircraft, one clear plastic flight stand, one aircraft dice, two rare-earth magnets & decal sheet.

Used by the Marines as a fighter-bomber, the Vought F4U Corsair was loaded for action with six .50 cal machine-guns and was capable of carrying up to 900kg of bombs or rockets. It was the first American fighter to surpass the Japanese Zero in performance and remained in service well after World War II.

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Designed by Evan Allen,
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The US Marine Corps has had a long and proud history, and the Pacific Campaign of 1941 to 1945 was perhaps its finest hour. They were the tip of the American spear, conducting amphibious assaults from Guadalcanal, through the Marshall Islands, Saipan, Tinian and Guam, and ultimately taking the Japanese posessions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, in preparation to invade mainland Japan itself.
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Gung-Ho – US Marine Corps in the Pacific
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
The F4U Corsair in Flames Of War

To Hit




6 5+  
Bombs 4+ 5 1+  
Rockets 3+ 6 3+ Optional.
Napalm Bombs 6 - - Optional, Napalm

F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
The Flight Stand & Aircraft Dice
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016) Decal Sheet

F4U Corsair Contents

a. 1x F4U Corsair.
b. 1x Aircraft Die.
c. 2x Tiny Tim Rockets.

d. 2x Napalm Bombs.
e. 1x F4U Corsair Engine Front.
f.  2x Rare Earth Magnets.
F4U Corsair (AC016)

Assembling the F4U Corsair
Step 1. Begin assembly of your F4U Corsair by gluing the engine cover to the front of the plane. Check the fit before applying glue, in case you need to trim away a small amount of resin to achieve a perfect fit. There is also a small notch to make sure the cover is the correct rotation.
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
Step 2. Next add the Tiny Tim Rockets. Make sure they are facing the correct way before glueing. See below for the correct position.
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
Below: Correct Tiny Tim Rocket positioning.
F4U Corsair (AC016)
Step 3. Glue the Rare Earth Magnets into the bottom of your F4U Corsair and the top of your flight stand. Make sure you check they are the correct way around before gluing!
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
F4U Corsair (AC016)

Assembling the Flight Stand
All of Battlefront's aircraft models are provided with a transparent plastic flight stand, to help make them look as though they are flying above the tabletop battlefield.

The stand is designed to hold all sizes of aircraft securely on its own. And adding the supplied rare-earth magnets creates an especially sturdy connection, which has the added benefit of 'snapping' neatly into place.

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Step 4. Finally Glue in the Napalm Bombs. These should be placed between the Tiny Tim Rockets and the plane hull as you can see below.
F4U Corsair (AC016) F4U Corsair (AC016)
Below: Correct Napalm Bomb positioning.
F4U Corsair (AC016)
Below: Assembled F4U Corsair.
F4U Corsair (AC016)
The F4U Corsair supports a Marine beach landing
F4U Corsair (AC016)

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