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Berlin: German

169. Infanteriedivision

XI SS-Panzerkorps, 9. Armee, Heeresgruppe Vistula 

169. Infanteriedivision was formed in 1939 and saw service during the invasions of France and then the following occupation. It was then transferred to Finnish Lapland in 1941 to join the XXXVI Korps with SS Division Nord and the Finnish 6th Division. On 1 July the corps began its attack as part of Operation Barbarossa towards Kandalaksha on the White Sea coast. The division crossed the Finnish-Soviet Border just north of Salla. On 8 July 169. ID occupied Salla. With the help of the Finnish 6th Division the Soviets were pushed back beyond the pre-Winter War borders.

169. Infanteriedivision stayed in the area around Salla until the beginning of the hostilities between Finland and Germany known as the Lapland War in 1944. During 1944 the division withdrew back to Norway. The Division was refreshed from 13 January 1945 and transformed into a Type 45 Division on 4 February 1945.

It was originally intended remain in Norway, but in March 1945 it is moved from Norway to Denmark, then from Denmark to the Oder front. Once there it took part in the defence of the Oder Front as part of XI SS-Panzerkorps in the Ninth Army. It fought against the Soviet Berlin Offensive from 16 April 1945, suffering heavy losses during these defensive battles. It was finally destroyed while fighting as a Kampfgruppe with the remnants of 303. Infanteriedivision Döberitz and 712. Infanteriedivision while trapped in the Halbe Pocket.


Generalleutnant Philipp Müller-Gebhard (28 Nov 1939 - 1 Dec 1939) 

Generalleutnant Heinrich Kirchheim (1 Dec 1939 - 1 Feb 1941) 

Generalleutnant Kurt Dittmar (1 Feb 1941 - 29 Sep 1941) 

General der Artillerie Hermann Tittel (29 Sep 1941 - 22 June 1943) 

Generalleutnant Georg Radziej (22 June 1943 - 8 May 1945)

Berlin Offensive 


Area of operations

Germany (November 1939 - May 1940) 

France (May 1940 - June 1941) 

Norway & Finland (June 1941 - November 1944) 

Norway (November 1944 - April 1945) 

Eastern Germany (April 1945 - May 1945) 


Elchkopf (Moose Head)


Order of Battle

Infanterie-Regiment 378

Infanterie-Regiment 379

Infanterie-Regiment 392

Artillerie-Regiment 230

Pionier-Bataillon 230

Panzerabwehr-Abteilung 230

In Flames Of War

You can field this division using the Volksgrenadier Company in Bulge: German.

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