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156. Infanteriedivision

9. Armee Reserve, Heeresgruppe Vistula 

156. Infanteriedivision was formed in April 1945 from 156. Feldausbildungsdivision (Field Training Division). 156. Infanteriedivision was part of the Ninth Army’s Reserve. It doesn’t seem to have been trapped in the Halbe Pocket with the rest of the Ninth Army.


Generalleutnant Siegfried Rekowski (22 February 1945 - 8 May 1945) 

Area of operations

Eastern Front, central sector (April 1945 - May 1945)

Order of Battle 

Grenadier Ausbildungs Regiment 1313 (I,II,III Battalions)

Grenadier Ausbildungs Regiment 1314 (I,II,III Battalions)

Grenadier Ausbildungs Regiment 1315 (I,II,III Battalions)

Artillerie-Regiment 1456


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