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Flames Of War Digital

Individual Army Lists in Flames Of War Digital
with Chris Townley

These days I generally have my iPad on me when I am gaming, as it is handy for all sorts of things, including carrying your army from table to table if it is conpact enough.

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Digital has opened up all sorts of new uses for me when it comes to gaming, but one of the most exciting features (in my opinion) is the ability to download individual lists from a book. With the individual lists you get all of the specific content you need to be able to build that particular company, as well as the appropriate special rules and arsenal entries, all without needing to take your Flames Of War Intelligence Handbook.

Chris shows off his finished Jagdtigers from 512. Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie…
Chris talks about what options he is working on for his 512. Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie…

You can find the individual lists in the same area as the book that they are from. In this case my 512. Schwerepanzerjagerkompanie is in the Late War, Germany section as the original list was from Bridge At Remagen. 

When you open up a list the first page you will see is the book cover that the list is taken from and three buttons at the bottom. These three buttons are designed to help you quickly navigate around the document and will take you to the Company Diagram, Special Rules and Arsenal pages. You will see these three buttons at the bottom of every page to help you jump around.

Right: click on the cover page from the 512. Schwerepanzerjagekompanie for a larger image

Flames Of War Digital
Flames Of War Digital

Moving on to the Company Diagram page, it looks just like the page in the book, but with the added advantage that each of the platoon entries have the same linking function so that with one series of taps you can go to the Volkssturm Platoon, then back to the Company Diagram, off to the 512. Assault Gun Platoon, and then to the Arsenal.

Left: click on the Company Diagram for a larger image


The Special Rules page contains only the specific rules that apply to your company. This keeps it simple and just makes it really easy to check whether certain rules apply to your force. My memory is becoming more and more selective as I get older and when you are building and playing multiple companies from a single book, anything that helps you keep them straight in your head is a winner. The other thing I really like is that this is where you will find any Warriors that are appropriate - in this case Oberleutnant Otto Carius.

Right: click on the Special Rules page for a larger image


Flames Of War Digital
Flames Of War Digital

Jumping to the platoons, you will see that you have all the same information as contained in the book, with the benefit that you won’t see any platoons that are not available to you. One of my pet peeves is seeing a really useful platoon in a book and then realising that it is only a support option for one of the other companies.

Left: click on the Platoons for a larger image


Lastly you will find a customised arsenal containing only the information you need for your company. In this case the 512. Schwerepanzerjagerkompanie has a pretty light list of options so one page covers them all.

Right: click on the Arsenal to see how good the Jagdtiger is!

If you are a bit like me and enjoying having a physical book to read then the individual lists could be a great way to always keep a particular list handy for modifying your company, or reminding you of stats in a game.

Flames Of War Digital

Last Updated On Thursday, February 12, 2015 by James at Battlefront