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Nachtjäger (Digital)
Nachtjäger is available now in the Flames Of War Digital iPad app and Forces Of War, the Flames Of War online company builder, including digital exclusive lists.
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Nachtjäger Design Notes
Finishing The Job:
British Forces in Nachtjäger
By March 1945, the Soviets are crushing their way west to the Oder River, the US Army has crossed the Rhine at Remagen, and the British at Wesel. The final battle for Germany is on as the defenders are besieged on all sides.

Finishing The Job...
Finishing The Job
Defending The Reich
Defending The Reich:
German Forces in Nachtjäger
Nachtjäger is the latest book in the late-war Flames Of War series of Intelligence Handbook. Nachtjäger covers the fighting in northwest Germany in 1945. It focuses on the British crossing and advance from the Rhine River into the heartland of Germany. Pitted against them are an array of newly raised and auxiliary troops.

Defending The Reich...

Nachtjäger Spotlights (Click on the product images below to learn more)
Rifle Company (BBX28)
M5 Half-track Transport Platoon (BBX29) Comet Platoon (BBX30)
Sd Kfz 251/20 D (Uhu) (GBX82) Panther / Jagdpanther Platoon (GBX84) Sd Kfz 251 Transport Platoon (GBX85)
Universal Carriers (BR211) SAS Jeeps (Europe) (BR414) Humber Scout Car (x2) (BR320)
Panzersturm Platoon (GE848) Muzzle Flash Tokens (TK905) Nachtjäger (GSO143)
Nachtjäger Articles
The Night is for Hunting The Night is for Hunting:
German Infra-Red Tactics for Nachtjäger
Bede Bailey gives German players some advice on making the most of the night-fighting abilities of the German forces in Nachtjäger.

The Night is for Hunting...

Here Comes the Night:
British Infra-Red Counter-Tactics
For British players, Bede Bailey has some tips and tactical suggestions for facing the new IR-equipped German lists.

Here Comes the Night...

Here Comes the Night
Comets to Berlin Comets to Berlin:
Fielding the 11th Armoured Division
The A34 Cruiser Tank, or ‘Comet’, was arguably the best British tank of World War II. Greg Lockton talks about tactics for using the Comet in Nachtjäger, and gives a sample list putting his ideas into practice.

Comets to Berlin...
When All Hope Is Lost - Part 1:
Building a KG Von Benningsen list
Sean Ireland discusses various options for running Kampfgruppe Von Benningsen lists from Nachtjäger.

When All Hope Is Lost - Part 1...
When All Hope Is Lost
When All Hope Is Lost When All Hope Is Lost - Part 2:
Building a KG Wallenberg list
Following on from Part 1 on Kampfgruppe Von Benningsen, Sean Ireland discusses his recommendations for running Kampfgruppe Wallenberg lists from Nachtjäger.

When All Hope Is Lost - Part 2...
Holding the Weser-Aller Line:
Fielding the 2nd Marine Infanteriedivision
Formed in desperation and lacking in heavy equipment, the 2nd Marine Infanteriedivision was nevertheless a unit in good fighting condition with tremendous fighting spirit. Alexander Costantion gives some advice on making use of this list.

Holding the Weser-Aller Line...
Holding the Weser-Aller Line

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