Israeli Super Jeeps Israeli Super Jeeps
with Greg Lockton

Let me start by saying that I like the thought of the highly-trained and well-armed Israeli tanks pitting their smaller numbers against the hordes of Jordanian and UAR troops. On the other hand, if you like putting down a few more bits and pieces on the table, but still want the punch, you could make worse choices than the P’lugah Sayur (Long-Range Patrol Company).

Now, I know what you’re thinking… they’re just jeeps. Well, let me tell you, these guys aren’t just jeeps. They’re Super Jeeps! I won’t go into the detail of the history of the P’lugah Sayur, someone else will be far better than I at that. What I can tell you is that in terms of their shock value in swiftly getting to the opponents line and wreaking absolute havoc is bar none!
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So, what do you get? Each patrol has four to six fast-moving machine-gun jeeps for 80 to 120 points. Seems like a good deal to me! So then you add in a couple of special little tricks to really get them going! These guys are longrange tactical patrols, so you’re always attacking with a spearhead move at the start of the game, which means you’re getting straight into the enemy’s face…. FAST! Of course, getting in there fast means that they’re likely to get shot at fairly soon as well. No problem! Relying on speed and shock to take the fight to the enemy, they have a 3+ unarmoured vehicle save, meaning they tend to hang around a lot longer. If you want some armour instead, you also have the option
of replacing jeeps with M3 half-tracks, and even up-gunning them to have 20mm cannon. The jeeps also have the ability to charge into contact in assaults, which means that once you’re close and have shot your opponent up, you can just drive on over them! Fearless Vets in assaults? Yes please!

Israeli Super Jeeps
How then do you make the most of them? Numbers, numbers, numbers! And get them straight at the enemy as quickly as possible. You have the option of taking up to three patrols and it’s well worth taking all three. Adding the extra jeeps is also, to me, a no-brainer. Additional hulls means additional shots and more for your opponent to worry about. All three patrols, plus the HQ with another pair costs you 405 points leaving you with PLENTY of room for support.

The first thing to add is…more jeeps! The Tzanhanim (Paratrooper) anti-tank jeeps that operate with them are just as nasty against tanks as the Sayeret jeeps are against infantry. The 106mm recoilless is AT16 and FP2+, which can handle most any armour around. It’s also a Breakthrough Gun meaning that pesky dug-in infantry save is gone.

Israeli Super Jeeps
What then? Well, the Magach 3 is an awesome tank, with good armours, speed, and a 105mm gun. It’s expensive, but adding two or three is affordable, and adds some serious weight to your light force. The AMX-13 is another option to consider. It’s light and fast, so it can support the jeeps, while packing an powerful gun for such a small chassis. Throw in some self-propelled 120mm mortars in half-tracks and some half-track mounted infantry or paratroopers, and you’re done.
Israeli Super Jeeps
How do you use these super jeeps? The answer lies in mobility and firepower. Against armour, the Sayeret have plenty of powerful anti-tank weapons and mobility. Take up good fighting positions where you can focus on half of the enemy army at a time, and blow them away before the rest of the enemy force can concentrate to fight back. Meanwhile, use the jeeps to harass the enemy’s light troops to seize unprotected objectives.
Sample Force
P'lugan Sayur HQ
with two Patrol Jeeps.
45 points
Combat Platoons  
Sayur Patrol
with six Patrol Jeeps. 120 points
Sayur Patrol  
with six Patrol Jeeps. 120 points
Sayur Patrol  
with five M3 Armoured Cars (two with 20mm). 250 points.
Weapons Platoons
Sayur Tank Platoon  
with two Magach 3.
375 points
Tzanhanim Anti-tank Platoon  
with four Anti-tank Jeeps. 205 points
120mm Mortar Platoon
with two M3 D (120mm).
130 points
Divisional Support Platoon  
Ch’ir Mamochan (Motorised) Platoon
with two Squads.
255 points
Total Points:
1500 points
Against infantry, the jeeps take the lead, racing in and machine-gunning everything they find. The anti-tank jeeps and tanks back them up by destroying any tanks and guns that might threaten them. Once a sector of the infantry’s defences is beat up enough, an assault with everything available will finish the job. Regardless of who you face though, the key thing is picking a part of the enemy force, and overwhelming it before the rest can intervene. Use speed and mobility to minimise casualties while maximising the destruction you rain on the enemy.
Israeli Super Jeeps
So you can see now why I call these guys Super Jeeps! There really isn’t a lot they cant do and the look on your opponent’s face when you charge your jeeps into his lines and proceed to decimate well placed defensive positions is worth its weight in gold. If you have an Israeli force or are planning one, this is a great place to start! SUPER JEEPS....AWAY!

~ Greg.

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