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Games to Die For Able Kompanies 5th Annual Christmas Event
When I was nine years old (1977), my grandfather took me to see The Battle of Midway. The film was showing on the battle's anniversary as second-run in a theater that was also showing Star Wars.  I must have been the only kid seeing The Battle of Midway.   That began the summer 1977  where I spent all of it with my grandfather.   It was mostly going around to various VFW and AFL Halls, where I never saw him buy his own drink

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During World War Two, my grandfather was an anti-aircraft Quad-50 gunner.  Yet, as he said, he never once shot in the air.  He talked once about shooting at trees on the other side of a clearing.  He would give a small chuckle, and comment about how every time his platoon fired, the forest on the other side was pushed back a couple of feet.  I come to find out that my grandfather was in the thick of it at the Battle of the Bulge.  It was years later, at my grandfather's funeral, where I pieced things together.  While looking at a frame with his two purple hearts and a score of other commendations, a war buddy of his came up to me and simply stated, "he saw a lot of crap."  I’ve often wondered if the "trees" were a euphemism for Germans. 
Able Kompany
The 70th Anniversary of this last German offensive of the war caused me to want to commemorate it in some small way. Able Kompany hosted their 5th Annual Christmas tournament on December 6th, we did our best to remember those who fought during this battle through some small gestures.
Able Kompany
It was a charity event, where the players donated over $400 worth of unwrapped toys for the Marine’s Toys for Tots program (in exchange for “nuts” tokens, which I’ll explain later).  Members of Cub Scout Pack 46 presented the colors in a fitting flag ceremony. Then we sang our National Anthem. The tournament itself sought to recreate the weather and terrain conditions of the battle. Also, commemorating General McAuliff’s amusing but poignant response to the German request for surrender by allowing players to use pecan "Nuts" as tokens for a reroll. 
Able Kompany

In the end, it was a fulfilling and enjoyable day, but only one we were able to appreciate because of the men, like my grandfather, who held on against overwhelming odds for General Patton’s rescue. May they be forever remembered.

~Joe Lewis

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