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Battlefield In A Box Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
contains two Pre-painted Shattered Woods or Muddy Ground terrain pieces.

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Great War
The Great War of 1914-18 was global in its reach. Yet this global conflict would be decided by the mighty clashes upon the battlefields of Europe.

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Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Muddy Ground
The 1918 Spring Offensives encountered some wet weather, producing patches or whole battlefields of mud (though not on the same scale as 1916 and 1917).

You can either designate patches of your battlefield as Muddy or choose to call the whole battlefield Muddy. Muddy terrain is Slow Going to all teams.
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Shattered Woods
Many battlefields had woods that were either utterly destroyed by shelling and fighting or cleared to provide a field of fire for machine-guns. These woods still provide some cover.

Shattered Woods are Slow Going for all teams trying to pass through. A Shattered Wood is not a normal wood. Instead, Infantry and Man-packed gun teams inside a Shattered Wood are Concealed.

Included in the box:

• 4x Muddy ground. • 4x Shattered woods. • 1x Large terrain base. • 1x Small terrain base. • 1x Packet of GFS001 Green Grass GF9 Static Grass. • 1x Packet of GFS017 Meadow Blend GF9 Static Grass.

Suitable for use with 10 - 15mm.

Sculpted by Jason Buyaki

Fully Painted
The GF9 Static Grasses Included in the Box Set
Below: GF9 Static Grass: Green Grass. Below: GF9 Static Grass: Meadow Blend
Shattered Battlefield (BB183) Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Shattered Woods Bases Variation One
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Shattered Woods Bases Variation Two
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Muddy Ground Bases Variation One
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Muddy Ground Bases Variation Two
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Small Terrain Base (Size 20.5cm/8”)
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
Large Terrain Base(Size 27.5cm/11”)
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)
The Shattered Battlefield On The Tabletop
Shattered Battlefield (BB183)

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