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Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705) Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
includes four 3" Stokes Mortar team, four Medium four-holes bases & one Base Plug sprue.

Trench warfare has highlighted the need for the forward infantry to have heavy fire support with them to knock out enemy defences.

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Great War
The Great War of 1914-18 was global in its reach. Yet this global conflict would be decided by the mighty clashes upon the battlefields of Europe.

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Great War
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
The new Stokes mortar has been designed to do the job, and is just the ticket. It has good range, rate of fire, and firepower, thanks to its three-inch shell.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Steve London

The 3" Stokes Mortar in Great War
3" Stokes mortar Light
24"/60cm 2
Can fire over friendly teams, Minimum range 8"/20cm, Trench gun.
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705) Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
Mortar Sections operate as separate platoons, each with their own Command teams.
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705) Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
Trench Guns
Trench guns and mortars are specially designed to give the infantry their own close-support artillery. They are small enough to fit in trenches and light enough to be carried forward to assist in the assault.

Trench Guns can enter, cross, and be deployed in Trenches as though they were Man-packed guns. Trench Guns use a medium base and face the long edge, like Man-packed gun teams.
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705) Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
The Trench Mortar Platoon Prepares A Bombardment
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)

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