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7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
includes two 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Guns with crew & two Medium bases.

The 7.62cm Krupp infantry gun has outstanding accuracy and is lightweight, making it a favourite among the crews that use it.

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Great War
The Great War of 1914-18 was global in its reach. Yet this global conflict would be decided by the mighty clashes upon the battlefields of Europe.

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Great War
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) It gives German infantry a weapon capable of destroying the targets that heavy artillery misses or attacking enemy tanks. This makes it a very versatile and essential part of an assault.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mike Haught

The 7.62cm Krupp IG in Great War
7.62cm Krupp IG gun
16"/40cm 2
Gun shield, Trench gun.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Gun Shields
Manning a gun in the thick of battle is a hazardous job. To offset the increased vulnerability of gun crews to enemy fire, many guns have a bulletproof gun shield.

Gun Shields provide your Gun teams with Bulletproof Cover from shots fired from in front of a line drawn across the front of the team’s base. Shots fired from behind this line hit the unprotected crew behind the shield.

Gun Shields do not provide cover to teams moving At the Double, nor from artillery bombardments.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Trench Guns
Trench guns and mortars are specially designed to give the infantry their own close-support artillery. They are small enough to fit in trenches and light enough to be carried forward to assist in the assault.

Trench Guns can enter, cross, and be deployed in Trenches as though they were Man-packed guns. Trench Guns use a medium base and face the long edge, like Man-packed gun teams.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
The 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Guns Prepare To Fire
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Contents & Assembly Guide for the 7.62cm Krupp IG Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
The 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Description of Components

a. 2x Observer figures with binoculars.
b. 2x Standing loader figures.
c. 2x Kneeling gunner figures.
2x Kneeling loader figures.

e. 2x 7.62cm Krupp infantry guns
f. 2x Gun shields
g. 4x Gun trail wheels.
h. 2x Medium bases.
Assembling The 7.62 Krupp Infantry Gun
Step 1. Begin by attaching the wheels to each side of the gun trail.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Step 2. Next, attach the gun shield by sliding it over the barrel. Below: With the gun shield in place, the 7.62cm Krupp infantry gun is now fully assembled.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
Assembling The 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun Crew
Each 7.62cm Krupp infantry gun is manned by a four-man crew. To represent an Infantry Gun Section in Great War correctly, attach an assembled 7.62cm Krupp infantry gun to one of the Medium bases included in the blister pack. Next, surround the gun with one Observer figure, one Standing loader figure, one Kneeling gunner figures and one Kneeling loader figure.

Right: An example of a 7.62cm Krupp infantry with crew.
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)

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