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Over The Top Over The Top:
Using Normal Flames Of War Missions in the Great War
with Mike Haught

The Great War booklet covers three distinct, almost cinematic, missions. The story of starts with the Big Push, the attacker closing in behind a rolling barrage and hitting the defender’s forward trench line in force.

The next mission, Through Mud and Blood, carries on where the previous mission ends, with the attacker pushing into the second line of trenches. A supporting flank attack arrives to help push through while the Defender’s reserves arrive to help stabilize the situation.
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Great War
The Great War of 1914-18 was global in its reach. Yet this global conflict would be decided by the mighty clashes upon the battlefields of Europe.

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Great War

The last battle takes players into the Green fields beyond, where the attacker has pushed well beyond the trenches and the cratered ground. Indeed, many of the battles in 1918 were fought over such a landscape.

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With these two missions, players have a sample of the types of missions that the troops in the Great War would have been asked to accomplish. From there, we’ve modified the standard Flames Of War missions so that they fit on the smaller play area of Great War games and incorporate WWI-specific rules such as Strategic Reserves.

~ Mike.
Download a PDF of the 12 Flames Of War missions adapted for Great War here...
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Great War Table Size
Company-sized assaults were conducted on a narrow front to concentrate firepower against the defender’s position. As such, Great War Missions are played on a 4’x4’ (120cm x 120cm) table.

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