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T32 Mountain Infantry Gun

The US 10th Mountain Division was a unique formation in the US Army and had some equipment that other divisions didn’t field. One of these was the T32 Mountain Infantry Gun. This light 37mm gun could be broken down and carried in a light vehicle or on the back of a pack mule. In combat the T32 gun was mounted on a tripod similar to a .50 cal machine-gun tripod.

T32 Mountain Infantry Gun
T32 Mountain Infantry Gun

Making a T32Mountain Infantry Gun

The T32 Mountain Infantry Gun is easy to create from bits already available in the Flames Of War range.

You will need three USO501 M3 37mm gun for the 37mm gun and two US718 Armored Rifle Platoon Dismounted MGs to make the whole platoon of three guns.

Transport is available in the XSO102 Mule Team pack

The parts your will need to make each T32 Mountain Infantry Gun are:


  • One M3 37mm gun.
  • One .50 cal gunner and Tripod
  • And two crew
  • Medium base 


Part your will need to make a T32
M3 37mm gun

M3 37mm gun

Reduce the barrel length

Step 1

Cut the M3 37mm gun barrel down so it protudes by about 3mm over the recoil slide.

Step 2

Reduce the length of the shell deflector as shown in potograph. 

Reduce the shell deflector length
.50 cal MG gunner

Step 3

Drill out the hole on the .50 cal MG gunner tripod to better fitt the large pin on the gun. 

Drill out the .50 cal MG gunner tripod mounting point Test fit

Step 4

Using a pair of clippers, a hobby knife and some files, reomove the elevation and traverse wheels, as the T32 gun did not have these fittings. 

Showing the elevation and traverse wheels to be removed
Clipping off the elevation and traverse wheels The elevation and traverse wheels removed
T-32 Mountain Infantry Gun team ready for painting

Step 5

Glue it all together and paint your models. 

10th Mountain Division Intelligence Briefing...     

T-32 Mountain Infantry Gun team painted

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