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Bridge At Remagen: The Battle For The Rhine, February-April 1945
The Book
Bridge At Remagen (FW230)

Bridge At Remagen Design Notes
The US Army is charging for the Rhine, the last physical barrier to the German heartland. Leading the march of the US First Army is Combat Command B of the 9th Armored Division. The Rhine has always been the objective, but no one expects the Germans to leave any of the bridges across the river intact.

Bridge At Remagen Design Notes...

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Pershing Platoon (UBX43) M4A3E2 Jumbo Tanks (UBX25) Armored Rifle Platoon (UBX41)
M4A3E8 Easy Eight (UBX26) M36 Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX30)  M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX31)
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzergrenadier Company HQ (GBX75) Panzergrenadier Company HQ (GBX76)
Panzer IV J Platoon (GBX68) Panther G Platoon (GBX66) Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)
Jagdtiger (GBX70) Königstiger (GBX69) Jagdpanther (GBX22) 7.5cm PaK40 Platoon (Winter) (GBX73)
Arado 234 B (AC015) Grenadier Company (GBX81) Carius (GBX80)
M4A3E2 Jumbo (US056) M36B1 Jackson (US108) M4A3 (105mm) HVSS (US053) M4A3E8 Easy Eight (Uparmoured) (US055)
T1E3 Aunt Jemima Mine Rollers (US061) M4 Sherman Crocodile (US060) Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
Remagen Bridge Mat Set (FW230A)
Hobby Articles
Panzer IV H in Central Germany, April, 1945. Panzer IV H Colour Schemes
With the recent release of the new plastic Panzer IV H box set I thought it would be a good idea to offer some suggestions on some different colours schemes to paint these fantastic miniatures.

Panzer IV H Colour Schemes...
Assembling The M26 Pershing Platoon
Blake demonstrates how to assemble the contents of the M26 Pershing Platoon box set.

Assembling The M26 Pershing Platoon...
Easy Riders Easy Riders:
Assembling & Fielding American Tank Riders & Escorts
Bridge At Remagen introduces two new concepts for US tank armies: Tank Riders and Tank Escorts. Both offer US tank commanders some new tools to use as they take to the Autobahn and charge into the German heartland.

Easy Riders...
It's A Trap:
Explaining & Modelling Panzerfaust Trap Teams in Flames Of War
Panzerfaust Trap teams are available in the Axis Market Garden Compilation Bridge By Bridge and the new intelligence handbook Bridge At Remagen. But what exactly is a Panzerfaust Trap team and how are they represented in Flames Of War? Well, you’re in luck. In this article I’ll be discussing both these topics.

It's A Trap...
Assembling The Plastic Grenadier Company II Assembling The Plastic Grenadier Company II:
The Late-war Grenadierkompanie
In two-part of this series of articles on assembling the plastic Grenadier Comapny, Blake demonstrates how to the Late-war version.

Assembling The Grenadier Company II...
Assembling The M4A3 (late) Platoon
Join Blake as he demonstrates how assemble M4A3 Sherman (late) and all of the variants available in the new plastic M4A3 (late) Platoon box set.

Assembling The M4A3 (late) Platoon...
Assembling The M4A3 (late) Platoon
Tactics Articles
Armored Rifles

Armored and Dangerous
I’m going to let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret; the US Armoured Rifle Company are the single best company in Flames Of War. I’m sure many of you reading are thinking “No way! My <insert company you hold dear> list is the best!”, but I’m sorry to say you’re incorrect.

Armored and Dangerous...

Big Boys Toys:
Building The 653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung

Russell Briant shares his thoughts on how to build and run a Jagdtiger company from Nuts! Take some of his wisdom on board when you build 512. Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie from Bridge At Remagen.

Big Boys Toys...

Pershing Your Luck Pershing Your Luck:
Tactics For Fielding The Pershing In Flames Of War
Russell Briant offers his thoughts on fielding the new M26 Pershing and T26E4 Super Pershing in Flames Of War.

Pershing Your Luck...
Hell's Crossroads Follow-up:
Thoughts & Reflections On A Battle Report
In issue 320 of Wargames Illustrated, Sean's US Tank Company took on Victor's 521. Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie in a Flames Of War battle report. Using forces featured in Bridge At Remagen, the two combatants offer some reflection and thoughts on their experiences.

Hell's Crossroads Follow-up...
A Reluctant Hero A Reluctant Hero:
Fielding Otto Carrius in Flames Of War
Otto Carius, a name synonymous with famous hero or infamous villain depending on which side of the front you might have called home, but also with Panzer ace regardless of exactly where home was.

A Reluctant Hero: Fielding Otto Carrius in Flames Of War...
Pershing Your Luck:
Tactics For Fielding The Pershing In Flames Of War
In this article I will discuss tactics (or Tuktuks if you want to speak real New Zild) on using the Pershing in Flames Of War. In Bridge At Remagen, the Americans can field two versions of the T26 Pershing, the standard T26E3 and the one-off T26E4 Super Pershing.

Pershing Your Luck...
Pershing Your Luck
To The Bitter End To The Bitter End:
Building A Force Using SS-Panzerbrigade Westfalen
Another Trained SS list? Why would I want to field that, you ask? Two reasons; historical games, and great big tanks! The first reason speaks for itself. The second ... well; being able to mix Jagdtigers, Jagdpanthers or King Tigers!

To The Bitter End...
Hell's Crossroads:
US and German Armoured Forces Clash in the Ruhr
An American column has crossed the Rhine and is now spearheading a bold advance into the heartland of Germany. In order to make the most of their time and road space, a platoon of armoured rifle troops have boarded up atop the task force’s tanks. The way seems open and final victory so close…

Meanwhile, the legendary Otto Carius’ 512th Heavy Tank-hunter Battalion lies in ambush at a vital crossroads, waiting for the hapless Americans to come into the sights of their powerful 128mm guns. Nerves are on edge as they see the vanguard of an American column trundle into view…

Hell's Crossroads...
Hell's Crossroads

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