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P40 Turret (GE683)

P40 Turret (GE683)
includes one P40 Turret & Resin Scenic Turret Base.

When the Germans began constructing Fortress Europe they quickly realised that they simply did not have the time or the resources to fortify their empire with conventional bunkers. Tank turret bunkers were developed to counter this problem.

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Fortress Italy
Stubborn defence characterised the German Italian Campaign. They made full use of the difficult Italian terrain, criss-crossed with river valleys, hills, and mountains. Each Allied push was met with equally determined defence. The Germans would use their excellent mobile troops from the panzergrenadier divisions to slow the Allies at every turn, holding them for a time before slipping away in the night. In the meantime, the next defensive position was being prepared further up the road, ready for the next battle. These tactics saw the Allies slow to a crawl as they ground their way up the Italian boot, taking over eight months just to get beyond the defences of the Cassino Line. It wouldn’t be until April 1945 when the Allies would finally breakthrough the great defensive position in the north of Italy: the Gothic Line.

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Fortress Italy
P40 Turret (GE683) Initially, German fortifications used turrets from old tanks, such as the Panzer I and II and the Italian P40. These required a lot less concrete and being small were extremely easy to conceal from the enemy.

In October 1943, Hitler authorised the use of Pantherturm, or Panther turrets, to help strengthen the line. Each Panther turret was further reinforced by a few anti-tank gun nests and several machine-gun nests making a very formidable strongpoint.
P40 Turret (GE683) P40 Turret (GE683)
The P40 Turret in Flames Of War
Turret Mobility
Equipment and Notes
P40 Turret - 5 4 1 Turret Bunker MG.
75/34 gun
P40 Turret (GE683) P40 Turret (GE683)
These turrets were emplaced alongside the rest of the fortifications of the Hitler Line outside Cassino. Like the smaller turrets, the Panther turrets could be concealed and were a nasty surprise for the first Canadian and British tanks that encountered them.

P40 Turret Designed by Evan Allen
Turret Base Designed by James Brown
Painted by Mike Haught
P40 Turret (GE683) P40 Turret (GE683)
German Field Fortifications In Italy
While the Germans constructed the Gustav Line and then the Gothic Line, the fighting between these two lines revolved around improvised field fortifications where the Germans would fight delaying actions, buying time for the new and more permanent fortifications to be completed. These temporary defensive strongpoints were protected by wire, and mines with machine-gun nest with interlocking fields of fire and were usually built where the terrain would favour defence.
P40 Turret (GE683) P40 Turret (GE683)

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