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Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith (BSO108) Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith (BSO108)
includes Ernest 'Smokey' Smith Warrior PIAT team & one Small two-hole base.

Ernest Alvia ‘Smokey’ Smith had the unique distinction being the only private Canadian soldier to earn the Victoria Cross in the Second World War.

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Private Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith is a Warrior SMG team. He is rated as Fearless Veteran. Private Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith may join a Canadian Commonwealth Rifle Company on page 46 of Road To Rome for +25 points.

Private Smith’s anti-tank squad of three men (himself, Private James Tennant and Private K.W. Ballard) were able to repulse a German counterattack during heavy fighting near the Savio River in October 1944.
With Private Ballard providing cover, Smith and Tennant advance until Tennant was wounded. A now enraged Smith charged the enemy with little regard for his personal safety and was able to route the enemy advance.

Designed by Evan Allen
Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith (BSO108)
Special Rules
Ready For Anything

Smokey Smith and his two comrades grabbed two PIATs, a Bren gun, and Thompson SMGs before heading across the Savio.

Smokey Smith’s team may elect to use the following weapons, but only one type of weapon may be used each Shooting or Assault step.

■ Bren Gun: MG team
■ Thompson SMG: SMG team
■ PIAT: PIAT team

The Smokey Smith Warrior team has two PIATs, so when firing as a PIAT team Smokey Smith has a ROF of 2.

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