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Return To The USSR

Return To The USSR:
Red Bear Revisited

One of our most popular books in Flames Of War is the Red Bear compilation. It includes all of the game’s Late-war Allied forces on the Eastern Front, such as the Soviets, Romanians, and a Polish Warsaw Uprising force. The armies within cover all of the current forces from 1944, a pivotal year on the eastern front. If you are interested in Soviets and their allies, this is an essential book to have.

With the upcoming release of Desperate Measures, a book about the Soviet and German tank battles in early 1945, and a reprint scheduled for Red Bear (standard reprint to update low stock), we realised that we were at a unique moment in time. These two books represent all of our published material on Late-war Soviet forces, and so we had a unique opportunity to update the popular Red Bear and also address some of the excellent feedback coming from players across the globe.

So what’s changed then?

Download the List of Changes: PDF (0.3MB)
Download the Cut & Paste Changes: PDF (20MB)
Download the Guards Heavy Tankovy: PDF (0.4MB)

The Shock Artillery Battalion is an option for a Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (Page 52). It replaces the Artillery Battalion option found in the Corps Support Companies. A Udarny Strelkovy Batalon uses this battery and no longer uses the Artillery Battalion on page 138.

Download the Shock Artillery Battalion: PDF (0.6MB)

Last Updated 09 December 2013.

Hen & Chicks Points

Return To The USSR

The key change in these books is that we have increased the discount for tanks affected by the Soviet Hen & Chicks Special Rule. After some intense testing and discussion (many thanks to our tireless playtesters for their help and patience!), we have restored Tankovy points to about the same points level found in the old Hammer & Sickle book.
Unit Type
Old Points New Points
10 T-34 obr 1942 450 points 350 points
10 T-34/85 obr 1944 645* points 570* points
See the table to the right for examples. Note that the T-34/85 prices include cupolas which are no longer optional.

This will help Soviet tankovy players field a sizable force that is more than capable of competing against other similar forces.
Katyusha Rocket Launchers
Return To The USSR
There has been a lot of discussion amongst Flames Of War players about the ubiquitous Katyusha, and we have taken all of the feedback on board and redesigned the truck-mounted rocket launchers.

First, we gave the launchers the ability to “Shoot n’ Scoot”. Normally rocket launchers leave a smoke trail, which enemy artillery can range in on and return fire. However, mobile rocket launchers have the ability to evacuate the area before the enemy’s shells start falling. The Mobile Rocket Launchers special rule represents this by letting the launchers roll to remove the smoke trails after it fires a bombardment.

Second, we have given the Katyushas a points discount to better reflect their battlefield capabilities. For example:

Return To The USSR

We have also given the heavy Katyusha rocket launchers (known as the BM-31-12) the Super Heavy Rockets special rule, bringing them into line with the game’s other heavy rocket launchers. Essentially, this means that after a bombardment with these heavy rockets, the launcher’s crew can roll to see if they can quickly reload the launcher for the next turn. If they pass, the launcher is ready and if they fail, they need some more time.

This translates into a discount for the heavy Katyushas. For example:

Return To The USSR

These changes should make the Katyusha, as ubiquitous in your Flames Of War Soviet forces as they were in Stalin’s Red Army.

Medium Assault Guns
Return To The USSR
Soviet medium assault guns (SU-85, SU-85M, SU-100, and M-10) did not fulfil the same role as their light and heavy counterparts. They were tank killers and they were well armed to do that job from a long distance (as opposed to the other types which had to close in with the enemy). To reflect this, we’ve given medium assault guns a special rule called “Cat Killer” which allows them to re-roll missed shots at long-ranged targets. This new doctrine will help assault guns make every shot count, like the powerful SU-100.
Updated Lists

Return To The USSR

With the reprint of Red Bear we had the chance to address a few other small things in existing lists. For example, the Guards Heavy Tank Regiment has received some more support options, widening the list’s potential.

We’ve also taken the chance to streamline the special rules for the Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (Shock Rifle Battalion). Where previously the Udarny only hit their enemy in assault on a 3+, rather than a 4+ as normal, they now accomplish all Skill Tests on a 3+. This reflects the fact that shock armies were significantly more experienced and prepared for breakthrough operations than other units. This will benefit them in hand-to-hand combat, clearing obstacles, and firing artillery.

The Rota Razvedki (Reconnaissance Company) is one of the more popular Soviet armies. We’ve now added the option to take Soviet motorcycle reconnaissance, giving players a new reconnaissance platoon to choose from for their force.

General Updates
To round out the update, we’ve incorporated all of the errata and corrections from Lessons from the Front, including the important change to make 76mm ZiS-3 and 57mm ZiS-2 guns medium guns rather than heavy guns. This will allow players to ambush with them at close range to crush enemy assaults before they reach their lines. Other changes include adding Cossack companies as support options throughout the book, and more.
Red Bear: Revised Edition (FW117)
Red Bear (Revised Edition) will be on sale shortly and will be an essential volume in your Flames Of War collection, especially if you are interested in the eastern front!

Pricing: £30 • €40 • US$50 • AU$60 • NZ$75
The 216 page hardback book that includes:

■ 19 Soviet Lists.
■ 1 Polish List.
■ 5 Romanian Lists.
■ Painting Guides.
■ Inspirational Colour Photos.

Return To The USSR
How Can I Tell If I Have The Revised Version Of Red Bear?

Return To The USSR

Last Updated On Tuesday, December 10, 2013