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Battlefield in a Box Village Walls (BB168)
contains 29" / 70cm of pre-painted Village Walls & one Fountain.

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Village Walls (BB168)
Brick walls are one of an infantryman’s best friends, providing a place to take cover from enemy fire or just rest up between firefights. Scenery plays a part in any Flames of War game as the Battles of World War II took place from the deserts of the Sahara to the frozen wastes of Siberia.
Village Walls (BB168)
Included in the box:

• 2x Damaged wall A (4”/10cm) • 2x Damaged wall B (4”/10cm) • 1x Wall with open gate (4”/10cm) • 2x Corner walls (2”/5cm) 1x Destroyed wall end A
1x Destroyed wall end B (2”/5cm) 1x Village Fountain.

Sculpted by Jason Buyaki

Fully Painted
Corner Walls (x2)
Damaged Wall A (x2)
Village Walls (BB168) Village Walls (BB168)
Destroyed Wall End A (x1) Destroyed Wall End B (x1)
Village Walls (BB168) Village Walls (BB168)
Damaged Wall B (x2)
Village Walls (BB168)
Wall with Open Gate (x1) Village Fountain (x1)
Village Walls (BB168) Village Walls (BB168)
British and Gernam Infantry Take Cover Behind The Village Walls
Village Walls (BB168)

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