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Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001) Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001)
includes one set of Post-war era T-34 tracks suitable for T-34/85 miniatures featured in Tour Of Duty & Fate On A Nation.

The T-34/85 had faithfully served the Red Army during the latter stages of World War Two and into the post-war years.

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Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

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Fate Of A Nation
Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001) However, by the 1960s it was reaching the end of its lifespan and while no longer in frontline service amongst the Warsaw Pact countries it was still considered a viable combat vehicle by the North Vietnamese and the United Arab Republic.

In an attempt to increase its longevity, a number of post-war improvements were introduced. Amongst these was the introduction of the Starfish-style wheels similar to those seen on the more modern Soviet T-54 and T-55 battle tanks.

Designed by Will Jayne
Below: A PAVN K-1 (T-34/85M). Below: A United Arab Republic T-34/85M.
Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001) Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001)
Contents Of The Post War T-34 Tracks Pack
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Post War T-34 Tracks
Description of Components
a. 1x Right-hand side track.
b. 1x Left-hand side track.

Assembling The Post War T-34 Tracks
To model a post-war T-34/85M for your North Vietnamese or United Arab Republice force, simple replace the tracks included in the T-34/85 obr 1944 (SU056) blister with the set included in the Post War T-34 tracks pack.
Post War T-34 Tracks (ASO001)
Tip: When referring to left or right-hand side in regards to a Flames Of War miniature, the orientation is determined as if looking at the vehicle from the rear.

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