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Israeli Decals (AIS941)
includes four Israeli decal sheets suitable for Tanks & APCs

The Suez Crisis was the Israeli’s first experience of large-scale tank operations and it was quickly realised that if markings were not legible under normal conditions they were sure to be missed in the heat of combat. By the time of the Six-Day War broke out in June 1967 the Israeli Defence Force had significantly increased the size of vehicle markings in an attempt to make them more recognisable to friendly units.

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Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

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Fate Of A Nation
Below: Israeli decal sheet A (two included in pack). Below: Israeli decal sheet B (two included in pack).
Israeli Decals (AIS941) Israeli Decals (AIS941)
Examples of the Israeli Decals in Use
Israeli Decals (AIS941)
Battlefront TV:
Basic Decal Guide
Blake takes a look at the basics of how to apply decals to your tanks, and gives a few tips to make the process easier and avoid a few of the common problems.

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